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ACRYLIC SWORD & SCABBARD STAND: This pair of acrylic sword & scabbard stands was designed to hold one sword and its scabbard. Each is 5 inches tall and designed with square edge groves to prevent the sword or scabbard from flipping over as often happens with similar stands with a rounded cut. They will accommodate swords of all sized from small bowie knives to cavalry sabers.  This design presents a very clean and crisp display that is attractive. $29.00





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U693. SAUERBIER M1850 FOOT OFFICERS SWORD: This M1850 Foot Officers sword is a product of Sauerbier from New Jersey and is marked as such, and has the distinct features associated with Sauerbier: the screw attaching the guard to the pommel cap and the unstopped fuller and black leather grip. The guard is tight with no movement. The pommel cap has additional chase-work around the rim; the grip is 100% complete with original triple strand wire. The nicely etched blade with a large U S held tight with the original blade washer.  The scabbard has the flame designed top throat and simple mounts with a fancy a Sauerbier drag. It is dent free with nice patina. $1800.00


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U792.  PRESENTATION GRADE -  EAGLE QUILLON, SILVER HILT STAFF & FIELD SWORD: This is a presentation grade – eagle quillon silver hilt staff & field sword with its original medallion mount German silver scabbard.  The scabbard is extremely rare and not often seen. The lattice-work medallion mounts are very delicate and you can see the top one is incomplete. The hilt is tight and very ornate. You can see the brass coming through the German silver grip, which indicate the sword was carried. All original wire is complete; the blade is a little dark, but the etching is strong, and it is marked EISENHAUER, and the pommel cap is very ornate. The scabbard in dent free. $2700.00


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U802. AMES - M1850 STAFF & FIELD SWORD, VARIANT: This Ames M1850 Staff & Field sword is a unique variant. Instead of the standard etched blade, this one has a M1833 Dragoon saber blade. The reason for this is unknow, but some speculate the blade may have originally belonged to the father of the officer who had this special-order sword built. The hilt is tight with original sharkskin grip and wire and the original blade washer hold the blade tight. The blade is an 1837 dated Ames Dragoon blade, modified to fit the scabbard. The arch of the scabbard was also adjusted for the blade and the throat piece reinforced with the addition of retention screws. This is a unique variant, of which may be the only known example. $1500.00


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U813. MODEL 1833 DRAGOON SABER, 1834 DATED: This is one of the most elusive examples of the Model 1833 Dragoon Saber besides those issued to Southern States. It is the 1834 dated saber with United States Dragoon etched on the blade. The original government contract called for 1000 sabers with scabbard to be delivered by November 1. 1834, which Ames completed. The sabers delivered in 1834, 1835 and 1836 were etched United States Dragoon, and those delivered in 1837 and 1839 were etching United Stated. This example is the enlisted version with the steel scabbard. The grip is missing the original dragoon wire and 50% original leather. The blade washer is original and the 34-inch blade is bright with the maker mark faint but readable: N.P. Ames Cutler Springfield 1834. The inspector mark is under the blade washer and the marking is hard to photograph but readable with magnification. The scabbard is the correct lighter version with the split rings and has proper marks on the drag with a nice brown patina. $1995.00


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U817. MODEL 1850 NON-REGULATION FOOT OFFICER’S SWORD, GOLD ETCHED BLADE: This is a M1850 Non-Regulation Foot Officer’s sword with a high-quality gold-washed etched blade. The hilt is the standard Non-Regulation steel guard with a 100% original sharkskin grip with steel wire. The blade is beautifully gold-washed etched with “US’ “Persevere” on one side and the American eagle perched on an American shield on the opposite side, as well as Clauberg and IRON PROOF marked. The scabbard is in mint condition with a brown lacquer finish with gold washed mounts and drag. Simple a beautiful sword! $2900.00


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U894. AMES M1850 STAFF & FIELD SWORD: This Ames Model 1850 Staff & Field sword is unique because the blade is void ofetching and the scabbard has a modification of a retention spring and top mount screw. This modification is well done and most likely done at an armory. The lack of etching is the result of one of two possible scenarios: the etching was rubbed off while cleaning by the original officers, or the sword was Confederate captured and the etching was removed at the same time the scabbard was modified. The sword shows wear from being carried, and the hilt is tight with original grip and twisted wire, but no blade washer. The unetched blade has period nicks and sharpening, and is tight. The Ames marked scabbard is complete with all mounts, but is missing the drag screw, and the top mount has been modified as mentioned. Ames Staff & Field sword are often prices inthe $2000 plus range, and scabbard alone often sell for $1000.00.  So, this is a great price!  $1400.00


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U898. PRESENTATION GRADE, GEM-STONE, SILVER HILT  MODEL 1850 STAFF & FIELD SWORD: This is one of the finest example of a Civil War presentation grade, gem-stone, silver hilt Model 1850 Staff & Field sword. There is one large red centered gem stone and 15 smaller stones encircling the pommel cap, and a flying eagle with a shield (one stone has been replaced); the grip is German Silver with four rows of wheat stocks; and the guard has an eagle quillon and US in the guard. The hilt retains 95% plus original gold wash. The original leather washer is a worn, which accounts for the hilt’s movement. The 31 1/2-inch blade is gold washed with a fancy US and flying eagle, and marked IRON PROOF on the spine. The German Silver scabbard has amazing mounts. The top has a raised spread eagle and the middle has a raised panoply of arms with both topped with a coiled snake for the rings. The drag has a standing soldier. $7500.00


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U905. SAUERBIER CAVALRY OFFICER’ SABER, TYPE-2: Sauerbier cavalry officer’s sabers are seldom encountered and always have very distinct features. This type-2 hilt has an unembellished conventional sized 1860 type enlisted guard; turned down pommel cap; recessed spinner nut; black leather grip with twisted wire; a scalloped black leather pad, which holds the34 1/2-inch blade tight. The unmarked Sauerbier 1860 style blade is very unique being just underan inch wide and fully etching with US, the American shield, and etched on the top of the spine. It shows period sharpening and several small dings, and fits tight to the scabbard. The scabbard is a mid-grade type-1 style with a brown steel body; trumpet type throat piece; 4-inch wide cast foliate mounts and a wide thick drag. The hilt and mounts have traced of original gold wash with an underlying brown patina. This is an unusual and rare variant of a Sauerbier Cavalry Officer’s saber! $1900.00


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U911. CLAUBERG - NON-REGULATION OFFICER'S SWORD & SCABBARD WITH AN EXCEPTIONAL GOLD ETCHED BLADE: This Non-Regulation officer’s sword is patterned after the 1822 & 1845 British officer's swords, and was made by Clauberg of Solingen, Prussia. This style sword was very popular among officers. The slightly curved blade is approximately 32 1/2 inches long with gold etching about half the length; stands of arms; "U.S."; eagle and shield; and a representation of Artemis and Justice just above the mark "W/CLAUBERG/knight/SOLINGEN" with inset "PROVED/+". The spine features a gilt leafy vine and "IRON PROOF". The iron openwork guard features floral scroll and the pommel is of the Phrygian helmet style. The grip is wire-wrapped black shark skin and 100% original. The iron scabbard is complete with two hanging rings and a drag. The sword is in exceptional condition with untouched patina. Swords in this condition are rare. $3900.00


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U921. M1850 FOOT OFFICER’S SWORD – SCHNITZLER & KIRSCHBAUM (S&K) - RARE!: This is a "RARE" Schnitzler & Kirschbaum (S&K) M1850 Foot Officer’s sword. The hilt has a mellow patina with traced of original gold wash; is tight; retains 100% original sharkskin grip and triple-strand wire. The blade is firm although the leather washer is gone. The 31 1/2-inch blade has never been cleaned and retains strong etching with some original frosting under a gray patina and slight salt & pepper spotting. It has never been sharpened and has a sharp point. The blade is Schnitzler & Kirschbaum Solingen marked with “IRON PROOF” on the spine. The black leather scabbard has expected crazing, but is solid and complete with all original mounts and screws. This is a great example of a rarely seen S&K M1850 Foot Officer’s sword. $1500.00


DSC_0002.jpg DSC_0004.jpg DSC_0008.jpg DSC_0012.jpg DSC_0013.jpg DSC_0018.jpg
DSC_0019.jpg DSC_0022.jpg DSC_0024.jpg DSC_0025.jpg DSC_0026.jpg DSC_0028.jpg

U949. M1832 FOOT ARTILLERY SHORT SWORD – HORSTMANN. This is a M1832 Foot Artillery Short Sword. The blade design is similar to that made by Ames and is unmarked. The hilt is casted brass with no rivets and has casting flaws common to the sword, and retains the original leather blade washer. The scabbard is complete with some leather lose, but retains both brass mounts and is very solid. Early collectors mistakenly identified these as Confederate because of the crude casting, but these are believed to have been retained by Horstmann of Philadelphia. I have a mint example for sale, U834, complete with a mint scabbard and frog. This one is available for less. $995.00


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U951. PRESENTATION GRADE, GERMAN-SILVER HILT MODEL 1850 FOOT OFFICER SWORD: This is a Presentation Grade, German-Silver Hilt Model 1850 Foot Officers Sword with US in the guard. This is a sword fabricated by a New York city military dealer during the Civil War, but later sold by a smaller unknown dealer. The hilt, grip, and scabbard were made by Emerson & Silver, New Jersey; but the blade looks to be a Solingen import. The hilt is tight with a pleasing mellow patina and has US in a small shield on both the front and reverse side of the guard. The German Silver grip tight and retains 100% original triples-strand brass wire. The original red felt blade washer holds the 31 ¾-inch blade tight. There are no nicks in the blade; it has never been sharpened; it has a pleasing grayish patina; and there is the faint remains of the original New York city retailer that fabricated the sword. The German-Silver scabbard shows wear but did its job of protecting the blade. It has all original mounts, which have a deep dark reddish-brown patina, and several dings especially on the drag. Both the top of the throat piece and top side of the drag are marked “PIL. KLEIN N.Y.”  and at first, I wondered if it was a soldier’s name, but it is not.  I found no officer with this name in the Civil War files, but did meet a collector that owned a presentation grade sword with the same stamp on the drag. The existence for two Presentation Grade, German-Silver Hilt Model 1850 Foot Officers Sword with the same mark on the drag confirms the retailer information. $1700.00


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U957. HIGH – GRADE / PRESENTATION QUALITY / STAFF & FIELD SWORDS: This is an outstanding example of a High – Grade / Presentation Quality Staff & Field sword! The fancy German Silver grip is in near perfect condition except for a small ding on top, and the guard and pommel cap are tight. The “Key Stone” stamp at the base of the blade identified the sword maker as “Emerson & Silver” New Jersey and the retailer was “Henry Folsom” St. Louis Mo. Henry Folsom was in business 1860-1864 and advertised military good and presentation swords in 1863. The officers who purchased this sword wanted to invest in the outward appearance of the hilt and scabbard. The hilt had enhanced chase work on the pommel cap and inside guard, and a ruby eye eagle head quillon; both stones are original. The scabbard has high grade medallion mounts with the American eagle on the top, a panoply of arms in the middle with a UNION on the center ribbon, and a standing soldier and flags on the drag. To offset the cost, the blade etching is very simple. One side is entirely void of etching and on the other is a spread eagle with 10 stars to each side for a total of 20. The stars represent the twenty free Union states: Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, California, Nevada, and Oregon.  The Union refers to the national government of the United States of America during the Civil War (1861-1865) made up of twenty free states and four border. This is an outstanding sword! $6900.00


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A historical folder is included with the saber. To read, click on the above Missouri State seal.

U958. CENTE GARDE CAVALRY OFFICER’S SWORD – SCHUYLER, HARTLEY & GRAHAM – MISSOURI IDENTIFED: This newly discovered, and previous unknown, example of a Cente Garde Cavalry Officer’s saber recently surfaced out of Missouri. Other known Cente Garde sabers have a guard with a large medallion with an America Eagle in its center: John Thilmann’s book “Civil War Cavalry & Artillery Sabers” describes it on page 399. This saber is similar, but with a four-branch guard. The hilt retains much of the original gold wash, 100% horn grip, and triple strand wire. The white buff leather blade washer holds the 38 1/2-inch blade tight.  These sabers were imported from France by Schuyler, Hartley & Graham, and as such will have French markings on the spine, which is dated 1862, and French hallmarks at the base of the blade. However, this sword is etched Schuyler, Hartley & Graham New York leaving no doubt it is an American Civil War sword, and currently the only know example with this hilt and so marked. The scabbard is a standard plain steel version. I purchased this sword from a direct decedent of Captain Benjamin F. Buzard. He served in the 13th MO Infantry which became the 25th MO Infantry, and later the Missouri 1st Engineers. Buzard did survive the war and has a Pension record on file at the National Archives. This is the only known example of a 4-branch style Cente Garde saber retailed by, and marked: Schuyler, Hartley & Graham - New York. $7500.00


DSC_0002.jpg DSC_0005.jpg DSC_0007.jpg DSC_0008.jpg DSC_0009.jpg
DSC_0010.jpg DSC_0011.jpg DSC_0012.jpg DSC_0015.jpg DSC_0018.jpg
U959. CENTE GARDE CAVALRY OFFICER’S SWORD – SCHUYLER, HARTLEY & GRAHAM This Cente Garde sabers has a guard with a large medallion with an America Eagle in its center: John Thilmann’s book “Civil War Cavalry & Artillery Sabers” describes it on page 399. There are two different "Cent Garde" pattern sabers with a centered medallion. This example has a solid center medallion with no open spaces as pictured in Schuyler, Hartley & Graham Civil War period catalog. It has an American eagle applied to the silver inset with three branches coming off the knuckle bow. The grip is polished horn with fine twisted brass wire. The 37 1/4-inch straight blade has two fullers running the entire length. The spine of the unetched blade has French maker marked with proof marks at its base. The scabbard is undecorated steel. Currently, there is another known example for sale at $7000.00. $6500.00


01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg
07.jpg DSC_0016.jpg DSC_0023.jpg DSC_0027.jpg DSC_0030.jpg DSC_0032.jpg
U960. SAUERBIER NON-REGULATION PATTERN 1821/22 CAVALRY OFFICER’S SABER: This non-regulation saber must have been made for a mounted officer, artillery officer, or a cavalry officer because the blade is both long and heavy, which made it a very serviceable saber. The non-regulation hilt retains 100% original gilt and 100% original leather and triple-strand wire. The Sauerbier marked blade has deep strong etching with much original frosting under a nice gray patina. The steel scabbard is in near-mint condition and is decorated with the flame throat piece, panoply of arms and the skull and crossbones ring mounts, and the large drag. $3400.00


DSC_0001.jpg DSC_0004.jpg DSC_0006.jpg DSC_0009.jpg DSC_0010.jpg
DSC_0011.jpg DSC_0012.jpg DSC_0015.jpg DSC_0016.jpg DSC_0019.jpg
DSC_0020.jpg DSC_0023.jpg DSC_0024.jpg DSC_0027.jpg DSC_0029.jpg

U961. 1862 DATED COLLINS & CO. M1850 STAFF & FIELD SWORD: This is a Collins & Company M1850 Staff& Field sword with an 1862 dated blade. The standard hilt is in great condition with 100% original shark-skin grip and triple-strand wire, and it tight with no movement. The original leather blade washer holds the 30 1/2-inch frosty blade tight. The blade is maker marked Collins & Co. Hartford Conn and is dated 1862. The scabbard has a deep brown patina finish with all original mounts, which have beautiful chase work. Dated officer’s sword are rare and highly collectable. $2750.00


DSC_0001.jpg DSC_0005.jpg DSC_0006.jpg DSC_0008.jpg DSC_0011.jpg DSC_0013.jpg
DSC_0015.jpg DSC_0018.jpg DSC_0019.jpg DSC_0024.jpg DSC_0025.jpg DSC_0032.jpg

U962. ROBY M1860 CAVALRY OFFICER’S SABER: This is a Roby M1860 Cavalry Officer’s saber, which is a hard to find. It is complete with the original scabbard; has a tight hilt, retains 98% original shark-skin grip with 100% original twisted wire, and a tight pommel cap.  The blade is 31 1/2 inches long; is Roby marked; has detail etching, but salt & pepper pitting, and is tight because of the original leather washer.  This obviously belonged to a short officer. The scabbard is tight to the blade; has an even brown patina, and retains all original mounts and screws.  Roby Cavalry Officer saber are rare, and this one looks to have been carried. Its condition is very good to mid-range and priced well below the normal $2000.00 price point. $1600.00


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