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U470: TIFFANY SWORD, STAFF & FIELD OFFICERS CIVIL WAR SWORD, PRESENTATION GRADE:  This is an absolutely outstanding Tiffany Staff & Field with Collins marked blade. It is beautiful. Although there are no other marks, it is most certainly a product constructed by Tiffany that was sold to a dealer/vender for marketing. It has a classic Tiffany style silver grip that is identical to those on Tiffany products and as most are aware, Tiffany used Collins (this is dated 1862) as its main supplier of high quality blades, even on its finest presentation grade swords. The blade is excellent with beautiful etching and the German silver scabbard is adorned with chaised decorative mounts. Mounts and hilt retain almost all of the original gold-gilt. A REALLY NICE SWORD, PRICED RIGHT.  An investment grade sword!! $4650.00


U472.  ROBY - M1850 FOOT OFFICERS' SWORD:  This is a Roby Foot Officers' sword with the original maker marked scabbard. The hilt is tight with 100% original grip with a few thin spots and double strand wire. The brass hilt and scabbard mounts have matching patina.  The original blade washer holds the blade tight, and the blade is Roby maker marked and has great Roby frosted etching. There are a few small nicks towards the top 1/3 of the blade, but no pitting. The rare Roby marked scabbard retains all original months and screws, and the leather is complete with some minor crasing and wear above the drag. There was a time when this sword sold for over $2000.00, but is availalble at an Arizona Sword discount.  $1750.00


U474. EMERSON & SILVER PRESENTATION-GRADE PHOENIX GUARD STAFF & FIELD SWORD, TOMES SON & MELVAIN RETAIL MARKED:  This is a rare Staff & Field sword! It is a silver hilt, Rising Phoenix guard Staff & Field sword made by Emerson & Silver and retailed by Tomes Son & Melvain New York.  The German silver grip retains 100% original triple-wire and has great patina. The hilt is tight with even patina, and shows a Phoenix rising from flames towards the "U. S." in the guard.  The blade is held tight by the original red leather blade-washer; is maker marked "W. Clauberg, Solingen," with the retailer mark for "Tomes Son & Melvain New York."  The blade is bright with traces of original frosting and a spread eagle with radiating rays, and "U.S." and military motif. There are a few minor nicks showing evidence it was carried and used. On the top of the spine of the blade near the hilt is the number "31" and the "IRON PROOF" mark. The scabbard is 100% original and extremely rare and in amazing condition!  It is leather covered steel with brass mounts.  This was a scabbard designed introduced during the Civil War and in most cases, the leather is in poor condition and often is missing or flacking away. This retains 100% of the original leather and with the exception of the crazing near the top month, is in amazing condition. The brass months have nice chase work and the top mount has "U.S." on the front and a presentation shield on the reverse, on the drag is stamped the number "31'' which matched the number on the blade. I have handled one other example of a Rising Phoenix hilt, but it had a standard ray-skin grip and leather scabbard.  This sword surfaced several years ago and I purchased it then, and it has been in a private collection until I recently reacquired it.  I have not seen another example exactly like this. Here is your chance to add a nice rare investment grade sword to your collection! $3798.00


U541.  AMES M1850 STAFF & FIELD OFFICER'S SWORD: This is an Ames M1850 Staff & Field Officer's sword complete with its original scabbard and is slightly better than the one listed above. This hilt retains 90% original gold wash, 100% original shark-skin grip and double strand wire, and is tight with no dings, dents or bends. The original white-buff blade washer keeps the 32 inch blade tight. The Ames marked blade is bright, near-mint, shows much original frosting, and the etching is crisp. There are no nicks, dents on dings in the blade, and it has never been sharpened. The standard eagle and E. Pluribus Unum is on one side with the script shaped US on the other side.  The original Ames marked scabbard is dent free with all its mounts and screws and retain generous almost all original gold-wash. Simply an outstanding example of the Ames M1850 Staff & Field Officer’s Sword!  $2700.00



U564. M1821 NON-REGULATION FRENCH INFANTRY OFFICERS SWORD:  WOW, what an amazing blade! This is a M1821 Non-Regulation French Infantry Offricers sword, which was imported into the United State and where carried by Infantry and Artillery officers before and during the Civil War. Often you will find these unetched, and if etched, in well-used condition.  This one is in amazing condition with an etched blade that is perfect in all aspects. The hilt has a nice patina, and with the exception of a small piece of leather missing, the grip is perfect.  The metal scabbard is dent free.  No maker or retailer marks. $1300.00


U569.  EMERSON & SILVER M1850 FOOT OFFICERS SWORD: This is an Emerson & Silver M1850 Foot officers’ sword.  The hilt is tight with generous amounts of original gold-wash, original shark-skin grip with triple strain wire, and frosty mint condition blade held tight with the original white-buff leather washer. The etching is truly beautiful, to include the Emerson & Silver marking.  The steel scabbard has developed a nice even brown patina, and ring mounts are serial number stamped 25, but the drag is marked 52 in error, kind of neat in a way. $2300.00


U570.  TIFFANY & CO BASIC MODEL 1850 STAFF & FIELD SWORD: This is a basic model 1850 Staff & Field sword by Tiffany & Co. New York.  The hilt design is well attributed to Tiffany and has been seen on the basic model and other embellished swords they produced. All the brass on this sword and scabbard has developed a deep rich coppery-brown patina, and is untouched. The drag show wear indicating the sword was carried, but the blade was well preserved.  It is Tiffany marked, but is stamped with the keystone symbol of Emerson & Silver, and has frosty etching with a little oxidation neat the tip. The grip retains 100% original shark-skin material and wire. The Tiffany name today is associated with high-end quality items, and it was the same and maybe more so in the 1800’s.  $2200.00


U573.  M1850 STAFF & FIELD IDENTIFIED TO AN OFFICER OF THE 18TH INFANTRY COLORED TROOPS: This is a M1850 Staff & Field sword, which belonged to Captain Charles L. C. Cass of the 18th infantry, colored troops. The sword is a standard import version with the US basket hilt. The brass has a rich mustard colored patina and the grip is 100% original shark-skin with triple strand wire and it tight. The original white buff leather washer holds the 32 inch blade tight. The blade is maker marked Schnitzler & Kirschbaum Solingen and is fully etched. The blade has a dark gray-tone patina, the etching is deep and the tip has a strong point. The metal scabbard has a great gray-brown patina with all original mounts. On the reverse side of the top mount is etched “C.L.C. Cass” “Capt USV.”

In December 1863 Charles Cass applied for a commission to the 6th regiment Corps d’ Afriqua while at Port Hudson, LA and received a commission as a Second Lieutenant. He would be assigned to the 83rd infantry, colored troops and eventually the 18th infantry, color troops as a Company Commander. He would lead his men in the Battle of Nashville, and would sustain an accidental gunshot to the hand while in the field. Included with the sword will be a complete copy of his military record with other historical information. It is not often you find a sword attributed to an officer who lead colored troops during the Civil War. $3200.00


U576.  SCHULER, HARTLEY & GRAHAM – MODEL 1860 STAFF OFFICERS SWORD: This is a rare example of French made Civil War Model 1860 Staff Officers sword retailed by Schuler, Hartley & Graham New York.  The 32” diamond shape blade (which is correct) is etched and marked Schuler, Hartley & Graham New York and French maker marked.  The Klingenthal “B” is on the ricasso reserve side, and the counterguard underside is marked “FBD” with a sword piercing helmet (F.Delecour).  The reverse clam shell folding guard is full sized with a plain field, but in the down position because the retention button is frozen.  The plain brown scabbard has all brass mounts with Civil War style top-ring mounts with a plain simple drag.  The hilt retains much original gold wash and has Mother-of-Pear grips, which are in mint condition. Look at John H. Thillmann's book “Civil War Army Sword” page 448 for comparison information. A Civil War Model 1860 Staff & Field sword is rare to find especially is such fine condition, but since the claim shell cannot be placed in the full open position I have discounted the price accordingly.  $2325.00



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