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    F226.  METROPOLITAN ARMS NAVAL REVOLVER: This Metropolitan Ames Naval Revolver was discovered in a Little Rock Arkansas home along with a Confederate Arkansas Toothpick D-Guard Bowie knife. The revolver is covered in 150 years a grease and has a dark brown/black patina. It has not been cleaned. The gun is in outstanding condition and is fully operational. The action is tight and the cylinder cycles with no problem; has all original nipples and a strong cylinder scene of the Battle of New Orleans. The gun is all original with matching serial number 3359 on all parts except the cylinder, which is 3209, but from looking at the patina it is obvious it is factory original to the gun. How this Union late war gun ended up in Little Rock Arkansas is unknown, but it looks great and fits both a Union and Confederate holster. $1900.00


    F231. CONFEDERATE - VIRGINIA – SHOTGUN, FEATURED ON PAGE 94-95 CONFEDERATE SHOTGUNS: This is a Confederate Shotgun and is featured on page 94-95 of the book: Confederate & Southern Agent Marked Shotguns. It is a unique cavalry conversion with a shorten barrel and the side carry-ring. The gun is marked "S. SUTHERLAND RICHMOND V”. $6500.00


    F234. CONFEDERATE HOLSTER with a COLT 4 1/2-INCH POLICE REVOLVER: This is a Confederate carried Colt Police 4 1/2-inch barrel revolver with its Confederate holster. You can see the holster is original to the gun because of the bend in the leather at the toe where the shorter barrel ends leaving 1-inch of room. The holster shows wear, but is complete with the back strap and the front retention strap, and wear near the trigger guard and hammer areas of the holster.  The revolver fits tight in it. The revolver is 100% complete with matching number 26500 (1864) including the wedge, all original screws and grips. The gun most likely was captured and put into Confederate service. $1800.00


    F235. CONFEDERATE HOLSTER with a COLT 5 1/2-INCH POLICE REVOLVER: This is a Confederate carried Colt Police 5 1/2-inch barrel revolver with its Confederate brown holster. The leather is in great condition complete with 100% original stitching, original straps and the original belt loop. The revolver fits tight in it. The revolver is 100% complete with matching number 13228 (1862) including the wedge, all original screws and grips. The grip has three carved notches, one on the left side and two on the right. These were a favorite gun for Confederate cavalry! $1900.00


    F236. CONFEDERATE ENFIELD - IRON MOUNTED 2-BAND PATTERN 1861 SHORT RIFLE: This is a rare Confederate Enfield iron mounted 2-band rifle. The gun is all original with both sling swivels, the original ramrod, the original nipple protector and chain, and the original Enfield rifle tompion, and all the metal has matching brown patina. The lock is marked with the crown and 1861 Tower. It is fully operational in both half and full cock. The stock has expected dings and dents and some additional markings common to a Confederate Enfield. By the butt plate tang is a ghost image of a Circle, which is most likely a Circle CH-1. I have provided a photo showing this mark and an image with a circle superimposed to help identify it. On the underside near the trigger tang is the letter I. Upon closer examination of the stock, you can see where the Confederate soldier carved his initials P.D. then flipped the gun and carves C.S. (Confederate States) on the opposite side. Also, on the top of the stock there are three cut-in notches. The barrel is has five lands and groves making it a Pattern 1861. Some of these guns were designed to have a saber bayonet, and others not. There is no evidence that a bayonet bar existed, but it was very common for these to come off. Here is a nice Confederate Pattern 1861 Enfield, which obviously saw the Elephant. $1700.00


    F240.  TEXAS - SAVAGE NAVY REVOLVER, CONFEDERATE CAPTURE WITH CONFEDERATE HOLSTER: This Savage Navy Revolver is serial numbered 12972 and has a faint government inspection cartouche on the left grip. Most likely this revolver was part of the second US government contract filled by July 1862, and was Confederate captured. The gun was discovered with a Confederate holster fashioned specifically for this Savage Revolver, and is made from brown leather with a flap, strap and buckle, and brass rivets. It has some minor glue repairs to reinforce the leather, but overall is all original. On the left grip is carved the initial P. F. Mc A. A search of the Civil War data base for Confederate soldiers found only one match: Private P. F. McAnally, 11th Texas Infantry. That match is based on the fact the gun was not in service until July 1862, the Confederate holster, and the initials. The gun has an overall gray patina and properly functions. The grips are original and fit tight, and the left panel has a faint cartouche and the carved initials. Included is a binder complete with historical information on Private McAnally and the 11th Texas Infantry. $3950.00


    F244. COLT MODEL 1860 ARMY REVOLVER – 1862 SERIAL NUMBER & MISSOURI ISSUED: This is an early Civil War Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver. It has a nice even brown patina, is all original, retains great cylinder scene, and functions properly. Its serial number is 70350 and is a complete matched gun to include the wedge. Its production year is 1862. Inspector initial "D" is found on the left side of the barrel just to the right of the wedge screw, "K" on the right side, "P" on the rebated portion behind the cylinder, and an "H" behind the trigger guard bow and "K" on top of the steel back strap. There is no visible cartouche on the grip, but that is not unusual for early guns since they were being shipped quickly for the war. The Colt Model 1860 Army revolver was the primary handgun issued to the Federal cavalry during the Civil War. This revolver is 1 of a shipment of 1,000 shipped to the Commanding Officer, Major F.D. Callender, St. Louis Arsenal, St. Louis, Mo. on November 7, 1862, and most likely issued to a Missouri cavalry unit. Missouri issued guns are rare to find! $2650.00


    F241. SHARPS AND HANKINS MODEL 1862 ARMY INSPECTED CARBINE: This is an Army Sharps & Hankins Carbine. It is a bare-barreled, 52 caliber breechloader gun produced by the Sharps and Hankins Company, Philadelphia. The carbines (all variants) were made between 1862-1865 with an approximate total of 8,000 produced in 4 variants:-

    19" barrel Army cavalry carbine
    24" barrel Army cavalry carbine (500)
    24" leather covered barrel Navy carbine
    32 3/4" barrel Army rifle

    By official records, the Army purchased approximately 200 “Army Model” carbines from the estimated 500 produced. The 52 caliber rimfire carbine employed a metal cartridge which was loaded by sliding the barrel forward using a loading lever on the underside, secured by a small latch inside the lever which can be awkward to operate. Standard features include a brass butt-plate; iron loading lever; unique hinged sight; a metal forearm, which is an extension of the block; a single strap hook on the butt, and a rifled bore with 12 lands & grooves.

    The 9th New York Cavalry rearmed in September 1862 and most of the soldiers carried a Sharps & Hankins at Gettysburg and other engagements until the end of the war.

    This carbine markings include matching serial number 6312 with "SHARPS / & / HANKINS / PHILADA" on the right side and "SHARPS / PATENT / 1859" on the left side with a rarely seen Government inspection mark P over G G. The lower receiver retains a good amount of original case-coloring blue, with brown undertones, which match the brown patina barrel. The walnut stock shows some expected wear, but looks great! Also, the gun retains the original rear adjustable site and the safety lever. Considering only 500 of these carbines were made and 200 were purchased by the government, of which most if not all went to the 9th New York Cavalry, this is a rare gun! $1750.00




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