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      F225. COLT 1851 NAVY REVOLVER I & XI CORP BADGE INLAYS 1863 SERIAL NUMBER: This Colt 1851 Navy Revolver is serial number 150452 which dates it to 1863. The serial number is matching on the wedge, cylinder, brass strap, lower received and push rod with no number on the barrel, and the top of the gun has the Colt markings. The cylinder scene is very strong. On the grips are mother-of-pearl inlays for the 1st & 11th Corps, and on the bottom of the brass are the initials D B R. Unfortunately, this is not enough information to positively identify the soldiers. That being said, the date of manufacture and the addition of the Corps badge inlays is significant to placing this gun on the battlefield for some of the major battles of the Civil War.  Looking at the history of both Corps, there is a very high probability this gun was carried at Chancellorsville and later Gettysburg. Who knows, it may have been used by an officer or a cavalry soldier attached to these 2 Corps. Maybe with more time D B R can be identified by doing a detained search of all units attached to these two corps and cross referencing the soldier data base. $2800.00




      F215. M1854 LEFAUCHEUX PIN-FIRE REVOLVER: The Pin-Fire revolver was a new invention at the time of the Civil War, and the Lefaucheux revolver made in France was the version of choice. During the Civil War several states to include Kansas, Colorado, Ohio and Missouri ordered close to 1500, while the United State government purchased just over 24,000. The Confederacy also purchased several, but the exact number and serial number range for the Southern acquired pin-fire revolvers is unknown. This gun is complete with the original unloading rod and cylinder latch; is tight; retains all original screws; lanyard-ring; and original finished grips. The 6 1/4 inch barrel gun is engraved the top and side. It is Lefaucheux maker marked with an early low serial number LF 7727. $1050.00



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