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      F222. CONFEDERATE 1853 ENFIELD RIFLE - SINCLAIR, HAMILTON & COMPANY MARKED:  During the Civil War, a large proportionate of 1853 Enfield Rifle Muskets were supplied by the Sinclair, Hamilton & Company and are found with the following marks:

      This Confederate 1853 3-band Enfield is in fine to near-mint condition with the Oval SCH mark.  This gun was discovered in Virginia and most likely was carried by a soldier from that state. This rifle has amazing original bluing on the barrel and mounts, and a wood has pleasing eye appeal. There is even a screw in the wood behind the nipple which appears to be orignal to the gun because it has period bluing with a little wear. The stock is maker marked WILLIAMSON BROTHERS, and the middle barrel band and lock are marks T. & W. W. Also, the inside stock near the barrel screw; the barrel and the lock are all marked H.C.

      The  Oval SHC mark is by the butt plate tang, and on the flat area opposite the lock, and between the top barrel band and the brass nose cap there is the silhouette of a large oval, but the SHC is worn and difficult to see.  This third mark is extremely rare! The rifle still retains the original rear sight, which still works, and there remains good rifling in the bore. It is extremly rare to find a Confederate Enfield with nearly 100% original bluing.  $2100.00



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