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SLV01. ORIGINAL CSA CONFEDERATE CIVIL WAR CAVALRY CARBINE SLING SWIVEL SNAP HOOK BY COULSON: Here are two Confederate Cavalry sling swivel snap hooks, both British made by Jukes Coulson & Co. for export to the CSA during the War. Both are all original with the Coulson name on the hand forged link between swivel and snap hook with original patina as found. Each still has a good deal of tension on the spring. There are very rare and excellent conditions. $175.00 each, $300.00 as a pair.


CN04.  UCV (UNITED CONFEDERATE VETERANS) CANTEEN - ARIZONA MADE: I do not normally purchase UCV or GAR items, but this was very unique and tied to the state of Arizona, and being that my site is located in Arizona it just make sense to bring this back to the state where it was made.  Hopefully, there is a collector here in Arizona that would like it.  It is a United Confederate Veteran (UCV) canteen made for a Confederate reunion.  It is a miniture copy of a Confederate tin canteen, measure 4" x 4" with a tin screw top, and a linen sling.  Large enought for whiskey or tequila.  On the front you can see the faint outline of the letters "UCV" and on the back you can see the makers information: "O K" "Angel Contreras" "Wickenburg." The 1880 US Federal Census records show A. Contreras listed as a Tinsmith, and Wickenburg is a town in Arizona just west of Phoenix.  He most likely made this canteen for one of the few Confederate reunions held in Arizona.  Arizona play a small part in the Civil War, but after the war many veterans ended up in the state because of the gold, silver & copper mines.  The canteen is in outstanding condition!  Here is a unique piece of American history tied to both the Civil War and the state of Arizona.  $395.00


SB01. INDIAN WARS COLONELíS SHOULDER BOARDS Ė STATE of MARYLAND: Indian War period Colonelís staff shoulder paddles with bullion eagles and Maryland state buttons, and dark back ground representing a staff officer. No makers mark. $625.00



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