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BK01. EARLY CIVIL WAR “U S” BELT BUCKLE WITH ALL HOLKS - BELT & BRASS RETENTION DEVICE: This is an attic condition early Civil War “U S” oval belt buckle with its complete belt and brass adjustment retention device. The leather has seen better days and is worn and in two pieces, but is all there. The buckle has all original brass hooks with 100% lead; has great untouched coppery patina, which matched the retention device, and has never been cleaned. Shipping is free! $395.00




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CP01. CIVIL WAR CAP BOX BY REUBEN NECE PHILAD - WITH WOOL: This cap box has the very clear maker stamp of R. NECE PHILAD. on the middle of the inner flap. Reuben Nece started out as a tailor and apparently got into the accoutrement business through his brother, a saddler. He ended up with army contracts for many thousands of accoutrements and accoutrement sets, both infantry and cavalry, as well as horse equipment’s. This is a nice example of his work, a regulation cap box for the percussion cap primers used in Civil War weapons. This is the “shield front” style using and elongated outer flap to form a latch tab, rather than using a separate, sewn tab. The inner flap is in place with its side ears. Both belt loops are there and secure. The interior fleece is present, too, which is a rarity since it most often has been devoured by moths over the years. There are some minor scuffs to the leather and a little crackling to the inner flap from flexing and the tab, which is complete. See Paul Johnson’s excellent book on cartridge boxes for discussion of the leather types and US contracts for cartridge boxes and accoutrement sets. This is a nice example of a regulation piece of Civil. Shipping is free. $150.00


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CN05. CONFEDERATE – “CSA” MARKED WOODEN DRUM CANTEEN: This Confederate “CSA” marked wooded drum canteen is in pristine condition. It is 100% complete with all its original wood; metal bands; original spout, and much original finish. On the face is period hand painted “CSA” in a nice artistic design. Simply and amazing example! Shipping & Insurance is included. $2500.00


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CN06. CONFEDERATE CEDAR WOOD CANTEEN: This is a Confederate cedar wood canteen complete in original condition with all original wood, two steel bans and three steel sling cross bands. There is a name carved on it, but it is difficult to get a positive identification. The initials “RO.” may be for the names RO or Robert, and the next initial, which initially looked like and “H” is in fact an “I”  followed by more letters that are difficult to make out. Also, there is the letter “R”  and on the opposite side is a Letter “B” with no other marks. With a little more time it is possible the name can be made out, but without more information it is nearly impossible for a perfect match. It is a great looking Confederate Canteen in original untouched condition. Shipping & insurance is included. $2300.00


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CN07. CONFEDERATE CEDAR CANTEEN - IDENTIFIED - 14TH REGIMENT LOUISIANA INFANTRY: This Confederate Cedar Canteen is identified to Private Joh Gottling of the 14th Louisiana Infantry.  He enlisted on 1 June 1861 as a private.  It is a standard Confederate cedar canteen and is complete with all original wood, two steel bands, and three steel retention straps with some black string attached for support. The front circular section of the canteen is somewhat warped in and not flush with the groves. Slightly off to the left side and lightly scratched in is a name, which upon close examination is identified as Joh Gottling. He is the only Confederate Soldier listing in the Civil War data base & National Park records with this name.

Private Jon Fedrick enlisted in New Orleans for theduration of the war on 1 June, 1861 into Company “C” 14th Louisiana Infantry. He was born in Germany, his occupation was a River Man with a residence of New Orleans, and was 26 when he enlisted. He fought at the Siege of Yorktown, April 5, 1862; Williamsburg, May 5; Seven Pines, April 30, May 1, June 1 & 2; Ellison’s Mills, June 27; Cold Harbor; Frazier’s Farm, June 30; Cedar Run, Aug 9, 1862; Bristoe Station, Aug 26, 1862; Manassas No. 2, Aug 27; Chantilly, Sep1; Harper’s Ferry, Sept 15; and Sharpsburg (Antietam), Sept 17 where he was wounded in the thigh and made a Prisoner of War. He was Paroled on Sep 27, 1862 and sent to Fort McHenry for exchange on Oct 13, 1862.  On Oct 23, 1862 he was admitted to Chimborazo Hospital No. 4, Richmond, Virginia.  By November, 1862 he  is listed as absent with our leave and the as a deserter, but a good soldier while in the Company! Shipping & Insurance included. $2800.00


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USNFROG01. FROG - M1841 NAVAL CUTLASS: This is a Frog for an Ames M1841 Naval cutlass, which can also be used for a Model 1832 short artillery sword. It is complete with all original rivets and belt loops, but does show wear. The second set of photos is an example of a reproduction, which will be included free. Shipping included. $250.00


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CB02. PATTERN 1864 US CARTRIDGE BOX – EXCELLENT PLUS CONDITION. This Pattern 1864 US cartridge box is in all original, never cleaned, treated, or redyed, and is in excellent plus condition. The outer surfaces of the box exhibit light wear from age and use, which is expected. However, the inside is in excellent plus, near mint condition. The outer flap has light crazing, but the embossed “US” in an oval is strong. The “Latch-tab” has both a copper rivet and sewn attachment and is in solid condition and complete. The bottom of the box has both roller buckles and round brass finial. Both buckles are complete and the stitching is strong. The reverse side is in excellent condition with both belt and sling loops with little to no wear. The inner flap is in great shape and has both ears, and is maker stamped “EMetzger Philadelphia” and “H.H. HARTZELL U.S ORD. DEPT SUB INSPECTOR.” Both tins are present.  This is a great find and will make a great addition to any Civil war collection! Shipping & Insurance included. $445.00








CN04.  UCV (UNITED CONFEDERATE VETERANS) CANTEEN - ARIZONA MADE: I do not normally purchase UCV or GAR items, but this was very unique and tied to the state of Arizona, and being that my site is located in Arizona it just make sense to bring this back to the state where it was made.  Hopefully, there is a collector here in Arizona that would like it.  It is a United Confederate Veteran (UCV) canteen made for a Confederate reunion.  It is a miniature copy of a Confederate tin canteen, measure 4" x 4" with a tin screw top, with a linen sling.  Perfect for whiskey or tequila.  On the front you can see the faint outline of the letters "UCV" and on the back you can see the makers information: "O K" "Angel Contreras" "Wickenburg." The 1880 US Federal Census records shows Angel Contreras listed as a Tinsmith, and Wickenburg is a town in Arizona just west of Phoenix.  He most likely made this canteen for one of the few Confederate reunions held in Arizona.  Arizona play a small part in the Civil War, but after the war many veterans ended up in the state because of the gold, silver & copper mines.  The canteen is in outstanding condition! Here is a unique piece of American history tied to both the Civil War and the state of Arizona.  $350.00


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SB01. INDIAN WARS COLONEL’S SHOULDER BOARDS – STATE of MARYLAND: Indian War period Colonel’s staff shoulder paddles with bullion eagles and Maryland state buttons, and dark back ground representing a staff officer. No makers mark. $550.00



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