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C165. CONFEDERATE SHORT SWORD / NAVAL CUTLASS: This is a large Confederate Short sword / Naval Cutlass.  It is 21 3/8 inches long with a 15 x 2 1/4-inch-wide spear-point blade that has filling marks and nice untouched patina. It has a 5 1/2-inch steel cross guard that is tight, and a 6-inch leather covered slab wood grip that is bottom stitched. You can see the steel blade under the grip by the cross guard. The size and design of this sword is such that it is most likely a Naval Cutlass, and was likely made for a specific Confederate naval vessel. Shipping & Insurance included. $4500.00


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C166. CONFEDERATE SHORT SWORD / NAVAL CUTLASS & SCABBARD: This is a large Short Sword / Naval Cutlass fashioned with a P-Guard hilt from an earlier made sword. The size and length of the blade is similar the other sword I have for sale; C165. It is 20 1/2 inches long with a 15 3/4 x 2 3/8-inch diamond shaped blade that tappers down at the hilt, and is period sharpened and has nicks on the edge. The hilt and grip are tight, but there is some leather lose, worm holes and missing wood. All steel has untouched attic patina. The sword come with a period scabbard that fit perfect to the blade. It also fit the other sword I have for sale; C165. On the top of the scabbard is 1*7*76, on the side is the name OBRIEN, and on the bottom the initials BWI. Most likely this was done post war. I do not know the significance of the numbers or if it is a date: 1776 or January 7 1876. Also, the name OBRIEN does not provide enough information for an identification, nor can BWI be positively identified. It could be the initials of a ship, a unit, or stand for British West Indies, a location where many Confederate blockade runner ships stages when transported arms. Shipping & Insurance included.  $5500.00


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C325. CONFEDERATE - COFFIN-HANDLE CLIP-POINT BOWIE FIGHTING KNIFE:This knife came out of a large collection of Confederate bowies and has traits of being Southern made. The handle is walnut and pinned and held inplace with a Sauerbier sword brass spinner. It has a brass ferrule and a thin brass guard. This brass guard is not centered on the blade, but flush with the ferrule on the side nearest to the body. The knife is 17 inches long with a 11 1/2-inch x 1 1/2-inch-wide clip-point blade. It is period sharpened; shows filling marks; is tight; and has a great casting flaw an inch above the guard. The back-stitched sheath is original, but has a 3 ½ inch opening on the bottom where the blade cut it, and is opened at the tip. Shipping & Insurance included. $4500.00


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C435. CONFEDERATE – GEORGIA – DEWITT FOOT OFFICER SWORD:  A. H. DeWitt was a jeweler in Columbus, Georgia and is credited with designing the “Twisted Snake Guard” of this sword. Both the pommel cap and guard display casting flaws associated with a Confederate made sword; the grip retains 95% original leather and 100% original wire; and the unetched blade has an unstopped fuller. The guard moves a little since there is no blade washer. I believe the scabbard is original to the sword since the style of leather match the design depicted on page 65 of Williams A. Albaugh Photographic Supplement of Confederate Swords book, though the mounts are a little different. It perfectly fits the 30 1/4-inch blade, and it slides in and out with ease. Shipping & Insurance included. $5400.00


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C437. RARE – ALABAMA CONFEDERATE SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD:  This exceptionally rare Confederate short artillery sword is believed to have been made in Mobile, Alabama by an unknown maker, and is one of the hardest Confederate short artillery swords to find. It is well made, and complete with the original scabbard, which has been refurbished. The leather on the scabbard was weak, flimsy, and extremely fragile with separation on the back side. It had to be profession restored in order to insure its preservation. The patina on the mounts match, which is a good indication they have been together from the start. The hilt is tight; has a deep rich brown patina, which match the mounts, and the blade also has a deep brown patina and pitting. Shipping & Insurance included. $3500.00





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A historical folder is included with the saber. To read, click on the above Alabama State seal.

C452. JAMES CONNING CONFEDERATE FOOT OFFICERS SWORDS - ALABAMA IDENTIFIED: This is a James Conning Mobile Alabama Foot Officers sword identified to a Lieutenant F. M. Jones (Francis M. Jones). This hilt is one of the two designs attributed to Conning and has great sand-casting flaws, a smaller flat sided quillion, and the number “213” in the face of the guard under the blade. The pommel cap is the high-mound version common to Conning with a split seam and laurel-leaf design, and the grip is original with 100% leather and twisted wire. The original unstopped fuller blade is unetched and tight with no movement. The James Conning scabbard fits tight to the blade with some expected shrinkage, and is opened on the back side half way between the middle mount and drag.  On the top back side of the throat mounts it reads “Made by James Conning Mobile” and on the bottom the number 226, and on the front is etching the name F. M. Jones. The middle mount also has the number 226, but there is no number on the bottom drag, which is a period replacement either replace by Jones or a Northern soldier when it was captured. Francis. M. Jones (F. M. Jones & Frank M. Jones) was born March 8, 1837 and died after 1908. He enlisted October 1861 at Monroeville Alabama as a private and later promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in company E, 23rd Alabama infantry regiment and muster out as a 3rd lieutenant. He was capture at Champion Hill on 17 May, 1863 and remained a Prisoner of War until paroled and exchanged February 20, 1865. Identified Confederate sword are rare and this one is especially unique being made by James Conning and carried by an Alabama officer who survived being a Prisoner-of-War for almost 2 years. Shipping and insurance included. $14,000


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C455. BOYLE, GAMBLE & MCFEE ARTILLERY SHORT SWORDThis is an artillery short sword made by Boyle, Gamble & McFee of Richmond, Virginia. The sword is in great condition with a period sharpen blade; tight hilt; and the original copper-brass mounted scabbard with both mounts. The scabbard is strong; has expected crazing and some leather loose, and has shrunk allowing 1/2 of the blade to be exposed. There is a casting flaw in the grip, and the pinned tang is undisturbed. Shipping & Insurance included. $3700.00


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C458. CONFEDERATE – HAIMAN CAVALRY SABER - GEORGIA: This is a Confederate Haiman Cavalry Saber with original scabbard made by L. Haiman & Brother, Columbus, Georgia. Louis Haiman and his brother Elijah operated in Columbus Georgia throughout the entire Civil War. The saber retains some of its original leather and all of the single iron wire wrap on the grip. The guard and pommel cap are tight and there is no movement due to the original leather blade washer, which is seldom seen. The brass mounts on the scabbard are tight and have steel rings; the scabbard has a nice even brown patina with much original lead in the lapped seam; and the drag is intact. Overall, the condition is excellent! Shipping & Insurance included. $3950.00


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C459. STAR - CS CONFEDERATE SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD: This is a Confederate Star - CS short artillery sword. The hilt displays great cashing flaws and has a dark reddish-brown patina, and the blade has a dark brown patina with no pitting or rust. The flaws on this sword are exactly what you want to find on a Confederate sword. Shipping & Insurance included. $3400.00


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C464. CONFEDERATE – STAR CS SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD: This is a Confederate Star - CS short artillery sword. The hilt displays great cashing flaws and has a dark reddish-brown patina, and the blade has a light-gray patina as a result of being protected by the original scabbard. The flaws on this sword are exactly what you want to find on a Confederate sword, especially the hilt with the casting holes. The scabbard is in amazing condition for being the leather version with brass mounts. It has expected crazing and surface leather loss, but is very solid with no breaks. The brass fittings are original and display casting and filling marks. Shipping & Insurance included. $4900.00


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C466. CONFEDERATE, GEORGIA – McELROY SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD:  This Confederate Short Artillery sword is believed to be made by McElroy, Macon Georgia. It has a similar hilt as seen on an E. J. Johnson short artillery sword, but with a flat sided blade with no fuller.  This example is by far the best I have even seen, and can be considered near mint ++. It recently surfaced in Pennsylvania, and its condition indicated it was a trophy of war captured early. The brass hilt has a great untouched patina with traces of original finished. The blade is bright with a few dark spots, unsharpened, original point, great casting flaws, and is tight with the original leather washer, which is extremely rare! The blade is in such nice condition because it was protected by the original scabbard. The scabbard is made of wood with tin mounts with 100% of the original black lacquer finish except for the brass frog stud. Finding a better example will be difficult! Shipping & Insurance included. $4800.00


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C469. DOG RIVER CONFEDERATE CAVALRY SABER: This is a Dog River Confederate Cavalry saber with its original scabbard. Condition is amazing with minor wear and period sharpening. The hilt and pommel cap are tight with no movement, and the brass displays great sand-casting flaws and file markings with an undisturbed tang pin. The original leather is in great condition with minor wear and the brass wire is tight. There is no blade washer; the blade is tight; it has an unstopped fuller; casting flaws; is wavy; with areas of dark spots. The scabbard fits tight and is the correct length for the blade and is a higher-grade with a heavy brass throat and heavy brass mounts with steel rings. It has a bottom seam. Shipping & Insurance included. $4600.00


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C473. CONFEDERATE – FIELD & STAFF SWORD by B. DOUGLAS  of COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA: This is a Confederate Field & Staff sword made by B. Douglas of Columbia, South Carolina. The hilt shows great casting flaws; the grip is 100% original oil-cloth with twisted wire; and the patina on the guard and pommel cap is a deep brass-brown color. The unstopped fuller blade is unetched and never sharpened, and the original blade wash is present. There some minor movement in the guard. The scabbard is original to the sword and is top stitched with all three mounts having a deep reddish-brown patina. It fits like a glove. Shipping & Insurance included. $9500.00


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C475. MASSIVE D-GUARD BOWIE – SHEATH & OIL-CLOTH BELT LOOP: This is a massive D-Guard Bowie with a heavy steel sheath with an oil-cloth belt loop. The knife is 21 3/4 inches long with a 16 7/8-inch blade, which has period filling marks and was sharpened. The pinned steal guard holds the leather grip tight with no movement. I do not know if the heavy steel sheath is period, but it perfectly fits the blade. It has a large loop on the reverse side with a period oil-cloth belt loop. Shipping & Insurance included. $2900.00


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C489. CONFEDERATE NAVAL CUTLASS: This is a Confederate Naval Cutlass believed to have been made somewhere in the Richmond Virginia area, but the maker is unknown. It is 26 1/2 inches long with a 21 x 1 1/2-inch blade with a nice gray patina and casting flaws. The brass hilt displays great sand-casting flaws with three dimples on the left grip side; a crude seam on both the top and bottom of the grip and a guard with an amazing stippling design unique to this Confederate cutlass, and a high copper content. I have seen other identical examples sell between $2500 - $2900, but this is available for a discounted price, and shipping & insurance is included. $1900.00


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C492. CONFEDERATE NCO SWORD: This is a Confederate NCO sword. It is 30 1/2 inches long with a 24-inch blade, and is marked S&K and with an Anchor flanked by a D and a C. This D – (ANCHOR) – C is a mark for the Belgian company O.P. Drissen & Company. This blade does not conform to any style imported by the Union and may have entered the South through the blockade. The grip is a 6-inch piece of oak peened with a rounded hex nut with a tight D-guard. The patina is untouched and all original, and the quality is exceptional! This is either arsenal or blacksmith made. Shipping & Insurance included. $1050.00


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C493. BLACKSMITH MADE – CONFEDERATE SIDE KNIFE: This Blacksmith made Confederate side knife is 18 1/2 inches long with a 13-inch spear-point blade made from a rasp. The triple pinned slab grips are period ebony painted, with the front having detail artwork and the reverse being flat. Both are tight. The guard is thin steel and curding cast. The blade is tight with no movement; was period sharpened; has a few small knicks; and shows both rash and file teeth on respective side. Shipping & Insurance included.  $2100.00


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C497. CONFEDERATE SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD – McELROY: This is a Confederate Short Artillery sword made by McElroy, Georgia.  It is unique and different than most of the short swords produced by McElroy in that it has a diamond shaped spear-point blade that is 21 1/2 inches long & 1 7/8 inches at the base. The blade has casting flaws; period sharpening, and an even gray patina. This hilt is tight with no movement with a nice mustard colored patina, and is tightly pinned. The last photo shows a comparison with the standard short sword made by McElroy. With its long blade, this might be a Naval Cutlass. Shipping & Insurance included. $2800.00


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C498. CONFEDERATE - LEECH & RIGDON (C S) GUARD SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD: This is a Confederate short artillery sword with the C S on the ends of the cross guard, and believed to have been made by Leech & Rigdon while still in Memphis, Tennessee. The sword is complete with the original leather scabbard. The hilt is sand cast and has great casting flaws with C S on both sides of the cross guard. The leather scabbard is original to the sword and is very solid with both original mounts.  This is an extremely rare sword, and every rarer to have the original scabbard.  Shipping & Insurance included. $6800.00


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C499. CONFEDERATE STAR-CS SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD – UNION WAR TROPHY: This is a Confederate CS-Star short artillery sword, which has the CS & Star removed. With the even patina on the entire hilt, this alteration was most likely done by a Union soldier. The hilt is tight and has great sand-casting flaws; and the blade was period sharpened, has light pitting with a rounded tip. This is the exact same sword as Item C459, but is $1000.00 less due to the removal of the CS-Star as a Union war trophy. Shipping & Insurance included. $2400.00


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C500. CONFEDERATE – DOG RIVER SABER: This Confederate saber was discovered in the Vicksburg Mississippi area and is not yet identified to a maker though it has characteristics similar to sabers produced around Columbus, Georgia. The guard has great sand-casting with fill marks, and the pommel cap is very crude. The grip is oil-cloth with medium size single brass wire, and could possible been wrapped by Louis Haiman or his brother Elijah. The blade is original to the hilt, but is different than those I have seen on an enlisted saber. It has a crude stopped wavy fuller; is 1 inch wide at the base and 31 1/4 inched long, and was period sharpened, and has a deep brown patina.  This almost looks like a special order saber possibly for an officer. There is no scabbard. Shipping and Insurance included. $1800.00


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C501. CONFEDERATE - DOG RIVER CAVALRY SABER: The term “Dog River” is a generic designation used for a sword or saber of unknown origin. This Confederate saber is unique because the hilt is 100% Confederate made, but the blade is from a M1840 saber and is in an S&K scabbard. Looking at the pommel cap you can see the blade is original to the hilt. Which means the blade was already in a Southern armory, or it was salvaged off a battle field and went through a Capture, Clean and Repair system. Macon Georgia had a C & R system and I suspect this came out of Georgia. The hilt and pommel cap have great sand-cast flaws and the wood grip is oil-cloth covered with extremely heavy brass wire, both common traits of a Georgia made saber. The leather blade washer also appears to be Southern made.  The blade is unmark and most likely is S & K, as is the marked scabbard. The branches on the guard and the quillion are bent from heavy use, and have a pleasing patina. The blade has never been cleaned and the scabbard has a deep brown patina. There appears to be a bullet strike between the ring mounts. Normally, a Confederate Dog River saber sell between $4500-$5500, but since this was fabricated with capture or armory parts, this is available for less. Shipping & Insurance included. $2900.00


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C502. CONFEDERATE, GEORGIA – McELROY SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD:  This Confederate Short Artillery sword is believed to be made by McElroy, Macon Georgia. It has a similar hilt as seen on an E. J. Johnson short artillery sword, but with a flat sided blade with no fuller. This example is unique because it has a rarely seen narrow blade that is 1 1/2 inches wide at the base by 18 ¼ inches long, and is complete with an original wood scabbard with tins mounts. The hilt has a pleasing mustard-brown patina and is tight. The blade has never been clean and has great casting flaws. The scabbard perfectly fits and is complete with both tin mounts.  On the wood there is a period tag and under magnification “Foot Artillery Sword, Found Savanna Ga” can be read. This is a great example of a McElroy Short Artillery sword complete with the original wood/tin scabbard, which was captured when Savanna Georgia fell to Sherman in December 1864.  Shipping & Insurance included! $4500.00


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C503. CONFEDERATE - BOYLE & GAMBLE SABER with PARTIAL COPPER SCABBARD - BATTLEFIELD RECOVERED: This is a Confederate Boyle & Gamble cavalry saber, which was left on the field of battle and exposed to fire. As a result, the grip with its leather and wire is gone; the blade has a dark near black patina; and the partial scabbard shows a deep reddish patina. The pommel cap is tight, but the guard has movements. The 35-inch blade is in great shape with some minor pitting near the tip. Since the grip is gone, it exposed the tang and you can see a 5-dot mark on the blade. The partial scabbard retains the original throat and the top mount. For a battlefield recovered saber, the blade, guard, and pommel cap are in amazing condition! Shipping & Insurance are included. $2100.00



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