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C397. CONFEDERATE - GEORGIA - McELROY NAVAL CUTLASS: William J. McElroy was a tinsmith in Georgia before the Civil War but quickly turned to manufacturing items for the Confederacy. He is most noted for making swords to include the Short Artillery Sword, and had a Naval Cutlass contract; however, no cutlass design has been attributed to him. It has been assumed he supplied the same Short Artillery Sword for this purpose. Recently, a McElroy short sword with an exaggerated long blade of 21 1/2 inches was discovered with a wooden scabbard with brass mounts, and as must collector know, brass mounts are more practical at sea since tin mounts rust. Also, the average blade length of other known Confederate cutlasses is 21 ½ inches. This Confederate sword made by McElroy is unique and different than most of the short swords he produced in that it has a diamond shaped spear-point blade that is 21 1/2 inches long by 1 7/8 inches at the base. The blade has casting flaws; period sharpening, and an even gray patina. The hilt is tight with no movement with a nice mustard colored patina, and is firmly pinned. The wooded scabbard is made from two pieces of wood with a brass throat and brass drag, which would be attached with pins. The pins are missing from the top mount causing it to be loose, but that also allows you to see the age of the wood under the black finish. The drag retains one original pin and is tight. The last photo shows a comparison with the standard short sword made by McElroy and the longer Naval Cutlass in which you can see the difference is shape; length, and thickness. This may be the only known example of a McElroy Naval Cutlass of this style and length. Shipping & Insurance included. $4500.00


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C435. CONFEDERATE – GEORGIA – DEWITT FOOT OFFICER SWORD: This is a Confederate Foot Officers sword with the unique “Twisted Snake Guard”made in  by A. H. DeWitt who was a jeweler in Columbus,Georgia. Both the pommel cap and guard display casting flaws associated with a Confederate made sword; the grip retains 95% original leather and 100% original wire; and the unetched blade has an unstopped fuller. The guard moves a little since there is no blade washer. The scabbard is original to the sword and has the same style of leather depicted on page 65 of Williams A. Albaugh Photographic Supplement of Confederate Swords book, though the mounts are a little different. It perfectly fits the 30 1/4-inch blade, and it slides in and out with ease. This is a very rare sword! Shipping & Insurance included. $5000.00


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C473. CONFEDERATE – FIELD & STAFF SWORD by B. DOUGLAS  of COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA: This is a Confederate Field & Staff sword made by B. Douglas of Columbia, South Carolina. The hilt shows great casting flaws; the grip is 100% original oil-cloth with twisted wire; and the patina on the guard and pommel cap is a deep brass-brown color. The unstopped fuller blade is unetched and never sharpened, and the original blade wash is present. There some minor movement in the guard. The Confederate made scabbard is original to the sword and is top stitched with all three mounts having a deep reddish-brown patina, and It fits like a glove. Recently, a similar condition example in sold for $14,000. Shipping & Insurance included. $13,000.00


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C529. CONFEDERATE – HAIMAN CAVALRY SABER – GEORGIA: This is a Confederate Haiman Cavalry Saber with original scabbard made by L. Haiman & Brother, Columbus, Georgia. Louis Haiman and his brother Elijah operated in Columbus Georgia throughout the entire Civil War. The saber has no original grip material or wire, but does have much of the original underlying woven cord in the groves of the wood grip. The pommel cap is tight and the guard has a little movement, but not much due to the original leather blade washer, which is seldom seen. The brass has a pleasing patina. The brass mounts on the scabbard are tight and have steel rings; There is a nice lapped seam; the drag is intact; and much of the original black lacquered finished remains. Overall, the condition is very good plus, and has great eye appeal! Shipping & Insurance included. $3900.00



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