Confederate Edge Weapons

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C325. CONFEDERATE - COFFIN-HANDLE CLIP-POINT BOWIE FIGHTING KNIFE:This knife came out of a large collection of Confederate bowies and has traits of being Southern made. The handle is walnut and pinned and held in place with a Sauerbier sword brass spinner, and has a brass ferrule and a thin brass guard. This brass guard is not centered on the blade, but flush with the ferrule on the side nearest to the body. The knife is 17 inches long with a 11 1/2-inch x 1 1/2-inch-wide clip-point blade. It is period sharpened; shows filling marks; is tight; and has a great casting flaw an inch above the guard. The back-stitched sheath is original, but has a 3 ½ inch opening on the bottom where the blade cut it, and is opened at the tip. Shipping & Insurance included. $4000.00


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C335. CONFEDERATE – ISAAC & Co - IMPORTED BRITISH PATTERN 1853 SABER: This is a Confederate Imported British Pattern 1853 Enlisted Dragoon Saber, often referred to as an Enfield Cavalry Saber. This pattern was the standard saber used by the British, and it is believed that approximately 5,000 were imported into the Confederacy during the American Civil. Some were purchased by the Confederate Government; some by individual Confederate States; and others were likely purchased simply on speculation by arms dealers and blockade runners looking to make some fast money. Most of the Confederate central government purchases came from S. Isaac & Campbell of London, and are simply stamped ISAAC & Co. on the spine of the blade. This saber is in totally attic untouched condition with an even dark patina from the top of the guard to the tip of the blade, and the scabbard as will. The hilt and pressed leather grips are tight, with some lose. The 34 1/2-inch blade has a deep rich patina; period sharpened; and properly marked ISAAC & Co. on the spine below the quillion. The scabbard fits perfect to the blade; has a dark patina; a few dents; and only missing the top screw for the throat. Overall, it is very nice untouched example and available at a great price! Shipping & Insurance include. $1800.00


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C413. CONFEDERATE ALTERED - M1852 NAVAL OFFICER’S SWORD: As war approached, many Southern officers serving for the US resigned their commissions and returned home to serve their state and the Confederacy. When this initially happened, Confederate swords were not yet produced, and officers sometimes altered a sword by removing any reference to the United States. The US would be removed from the guard and may or may not be replaced with a CS. The same applied to Naval officer swords. There are a few known examples where the USN was removed and replaced with CSN and others left blank. This is one of those rare Confederate altered M1852 Naval sword. This is a pre–Civil War Ames sword retailed by Schuyler Hartley & Graham, New York. We know this because of the early etching pattern and the Schuyler Hartley & Graham retailer mark. This sword came out of a Pennsylvanian museum collect (Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, MOLLUS), which contained many Confederate war trophies. The sword is in near-mint condition with a tight hilt retaining 100% original white grip and wire, and nearly 100% original gilt. The USN has been expertly removed from the face of the guard and the panel was decorated with a unique pattern of dots. The blade is bright and frosty with deep etching, but the original USN was buffed off the blade and the original Ames maker mark was removed and a crude etching design was left in its place. The scabbard is in great condition with normal crazing with no breaks. It retains all original mounts, thought the drag is loose since the screw is missing.  Overall, an outstanding example of a Confederate altered M1852 Naval Officers sword. Considering the small size of the American Navy prior to the Civil War, this is a rare sword, and priced the same as an unaltered version! Shipping & Insurance included. $2200.00


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C437. RARE – ALABAMA CONFEDERATE SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD:  This exceptionally rare Confederate short artillery sword is believed to have been made in Mobile, Alabama by an unknown maker, and is one of the hardest Confederate short artillery swords to find. It is well made, and complete with the original scabbard, which has been refurbished to insure its preservation. The leather on the scabbard was weak, flimsy, and extremely fragile with separation on the back side. The patina on the mounts match, which is a good indication they have been together from the start. The hilt is tight; has a deep rich brown patina, which match the mounts, and the blade also has a deep brown patina and pitting. Shipping & Insurance included. $3200.00


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C455. BOYLE, GAMBLE & MCFEE ARTILLERY SHORT SWORDThis is an artillery short sword made by Boyle, Gamble & McFee of Richmond, Virginia. The sword is in great condition with a period sharpen blade; tight hilt; and the original copper-brass mounted scabbard with both mounts. The scabbard is strong; has expected crazing and some leather loose, and has shrunk allowing 1/2 of the blade to be exposed. There is a casting flaw in the grip, and the pinned tang is undisturbed. Shipping & Insurance included. $3600.00


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C458. CONFEDERATE – HAIMAN CAVALRY SABER - GEORGIA: This is a Confederate Haiman Cavalry Saber with original scabbard made by L. Haiman & Brother, Columbus, Georgia. Louis Haiman and his brother Elijah operated in Columbus Georgia throughout the entire Civil War. The saber retains some of its original leather and all of the single iron wire wrap on the grip. The guard and pommel cap are tight and there is no movement due to the original leather blade washer, which is seldom seen. The brass mounts on the scabbard are tight and have steel rings; the scabbard has a nice even brown patina with much original lead in the lapped seam; and the drag is intact. Overall, the condition is excellent! Shipping & Insurance included. $3900.00


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C470. MISSISSIPPI SIDE KNIFE: This Confederate Side knife was discovered and purchased in Mississippi by Rebel Relics - Brian Akins. When acquired, there was a verbal story that it belonged to a Mississippi soldier, but there was no additional history. On close examination, the name “W H Harris” was found carved on the top of the grip and initials “W H” on the right side. The initial search of the Civil War data base identified several Mississippi soldiers with this name, and more was needed for a positive identification. On the lead ferrule, the letter “E” was found carved on both sides, which most likely is a unit identification. With this added information, a search for a Mississippi soldier enlisted in a unit with a “Company E” commenced and two soldiers were found: William Hansford Harris "E" Co. Mississippi 18th Infantry and William H. Harris "E" Co. 2nd Partisan Rangers Mississippi Infantry. Since both have similar names, this knife could belong to either, and so historical information on both is provided.

William Hansford Harris: On 4/20/1861 he mustered into "E" Co. Mississippi 18th Infantry. He was discharged for disability from battle wounds on 11/15/1861. He was wounded in battle twice: first in the leg, and then in the arm, which was amputated. This led to his discharge. He survived.

William H. Harris:  On 9/1/1862 he mustered into "E" Co. Mississippi 2nd Part Rangers Cavalry. His muster sheets show that he was wounded near Ripley Mississippi, but remained with the unit at least until October 1864.

The knife is 17 1/2 inches long with a 13-inch spear-pointblade made from a file. You can still see file teeth marks all over the blade. The blade is period sharpened and has an even patina. The grip looks to be walnut with a lead ferrule, a brass cross-guard, and a brass plate with three pins. The original sheath is brown leather, bottom stitch, and reinforced with heavy wire at its end.  As mention above, the name “W H Harris” is carved on the top of the grip and initials “W H” on the right side, and the letter “E” is carved on both sides of the ferrule.  The knife is in superb condition and most likely carried by one of the two identified Mississippi Soldiers. There is a high probability the knife was made is Mississippi.  Shipping & Insurance included. $3750.00


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C475. MASSIVE D-GUARD BOWIE – SHEATH & OIL-CLOTH BELT LOOP: This is a massive D-Guard Bowie with a heavy steel sheath with an oil-cloth belt loop. The knife is 21 3/4 inches long with a 16 7/8-inch blade, which has period filling marks and was sharpened. The pinned steal guard holds the leather grip tight with no movement. I do not know if the heavy steel sheath is period, but it perfectly fits the blade. It has a large loop on the reverse side with a period oil-cloth belt loop. Shipping & Insurance included. $3400.00


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C477. McELROY SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD: This is a McElroy Short Artillery sword. It is a little over 24 inches long with an 18 1/2-inch blade. This sword often has movement in the guard and blade; however, this one was brass brazed on the top of the pommel and the base of the blade eliminating all movement, and as a result the sword is tight. The brass and blade have never been cleaned and the patina is even. Shipping and Insurance included. $1200.00


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C492. CONFEDERATE NCO SWORD: This is a Confederate NCO sword. It is 30 1/2 inches long with a 24-inch blade, and is marked S&K and with an Anchor flanked by a D and a C. This D – (ANCHOR) – C is a mark for the Belgian company O.P. Drissen & Company. This blade does not conform to any style imported by the Union and may have entered the South through the blockade. The grip is a 6-inch piece of oak peened with a rounded hex nut with a tight D-guard. The patina is untouched and all original, and the quality is exceptional! This is either arsenal or blacksmith made.


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C493. BLACKSMITH MADE – CONFEDERATE SIDE KNIFE: This Blacksmith made Confederate side knife is 18 1/2 inches long with a 13-inch spear-point blade made from a rasp. The triple pinned slab grips are period ebony painted, with the front having detail artwork and the reverse being flat. Both are tight. The guard is thin steel and curding cast. The blade is tight with no movement; was period sharpened; has a few small knicks; and shows both rash and file teeth on respective side. Shipping & Insurance included.  $1900.00


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C499. CONFEDERATE STAR-CS SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD – UNION WAR TROPHY: This is a Confederate CS-Star short artillery sword, which has the CS & Star removed. With the even patina on the entire hilt, this alteration was most likely done by a Union soldier. The hilt is tight and has great sand-casting flaws; and the blade was period sharpened, has light pitting with a rounded tip. This is the exact same sword as Item C459, but is $1000.00 less due to the removal of the CS-Star as a Union war trophy. Shipping & Insurance included. $1900.00


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C501. CONFEDERATE - DOG RIVER CAVALRY SABER: The term “Dog River” is a generic designation used for a sword or saber of unknown origin. This Confederate saber is unique because the hilt is 100% Confederate made, but the blade is from a M1840 saber and is in an S&K scabbard. Looking at the pommel cap you can see the blade is original to the hilt. Which means the blade was already in a Southern armory, or it was salvaged off a battle field and went through a Capture, Clean and Repair system. Macon Georgia had a C & R system and I suspect this came out of Georgia. The hilt and pommel cap have great sand-cast flaws and the wood grip is oil-cloth covered with extremely heavy brass wire, both common traits of a Georgia made saber. The leather blade washer also appears to be Southern made.  The blade is unmark and most likely is S & K, as is the marked scabbard. The branches on the guard and the quillion are bent from heavy use, and have a pleasing patina. The blade has never been cleaned and the scabbard has a deep brown patina. There appears to be a bullet strike between the ring mounts. Normally, a Confederate Dog River saber sell between $4500-$5500, but since this was fabricated with capture or armory parts, this is available for less. Shipping & Insurance included. $2300.00


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C502. CONFEDERATE, GEORGIA – McELROY SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD:  This Confederate Short Artillery sword is believed to be made by McElroy, Macon Georgia. It has a similar hilt as seen on an E. J. Johnson short artillery sword, but with a flat sided blade with no fuller. This example is unique because it has a rarely seen narrow blade that is 1 1/2 inches wide at the base by 18 ¼ inches long, and is complete with an original wood scabbard with tins mounts. The hilt has a pleasing mustard-brown patina and is tight. The blade has never been clean and has great casting flaws. The scabbard perfectly fits and is complete with both tin mounts.  On the wood there is a period tag and under magnification “Foot Artillery Sword, Found Savanna Ga” can be read. This is a great example of a McElroy Short Artillery sword complete with the original wood/tin scabbard, which was captured when Savanna Georgia fell to Sherman in December 1864.  Shipping & Insurance included! $4500.00


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C507. CONFEDERATE – HAIMAN CAVALRY SABER - GEORGIAThis is a Confederate Haiman Cavalry Saber with original scabbard made by L. Haiman & Brother, Columbus, Georgia where Louis Haiman and his brother Elijah operated throughout the entire Civil War. The saber retains 98% original oil cloth and 100% single iron wire on the grip, and the guard and pommel cap are tight with no movement. The brass mounts on the scabbard have steel rings, and the scabbard has a nice even brown patina with nearly 100% original lead in the lapped seam. The blade has nice even patina and no nicks. Overall, the condition is excellent! 


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C510. CONFEDERATE CLIP-POINT BOWIE SIDE KNIFE: This is a large Confederate Clip-Point Bowie Side knife. It is 17 3/4 inches long with a 13-inch clip-point blade made from a file, and has a thin steel S-shaped guard. The oak wood grip retains its original black lacquer finish and is pinned tight with a steel plate fitted to the wood. The blade shows both original file teeth and file marks and retain a period sharpen edge. Shipping and Insurance included. $3400.00


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C511. CONFEDERATE SIDE-KNIFE & COPPER SHEATH MOUNTS: This is a Confederate side-knife with its original copper sheath mounts. The knife is 16 1/2 inches long with a 11 1/2 inch spear-point blade made from a file. The blade has a charcoal gray patina; is period sharpen on both edges with a few small nicks; shows original file teeth; and is tight. The steel cross guard is thin and has great casting flaws, and the oak grip is tight with a brass ferrule on the blade side and one on top attached with 2 brass pins, and a 5-point star pinned to the grip. Some believe the star represents Texas, but in reality, could symbolize any Confederate state. The leather sheath isgone, but the original copper top mount and drag were preserved. Both are in outstanding condition! Shipping & Insurance included. $1600.00


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C518. CONFEDERATE NAVAL CUTLASS - COURTNEY AND TENNENT, CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA: This is a rare Civil War era Confederate Naval cutlass made by Robert Mole, Birmingham, England. Mole was an exporter who supplied military goods and swords to the Confederate central government through the importer Courtney & Tennent of Charleston, SC. It has a brass cavalry style guard with a checkered pressed leather grip. The iron blade is retailer marked “Courtney & Tennent / Charleston SC.” on the left ricasso and “MOLE” on the top edge of the blade, just below the guard. The cutlass blade is 20” long, double-edged, 1 3/4” wide at the grip and has a single, tapering fuller on each flat; and a pleasing, mottled medium gray patina with no rust or pitting. The edge appears to have been period sharpened. The hilt is tight with an even mellow patina. No scabbard. This is a very fine example of a Confederate cutlass that saw service during the American Civil War. Shipping & Insurance included. $4200.00


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C519. CONFEDERATE -  GRISWOLD & FROELICH - COPPER SCABBARD - CAVALRY OFFICERS SABER: This is a Confederate Cavalry Officers saber, which was either assembled by Louis Froelich - Kenansville, North Carolina, or at an unknown Confederate arsenal, using both Griswold and Froelich parts. The brass guard and pommel cap were made by Thomas, Griswold & Company, but not the oil cloth grip and wire; and the copper scabbard and blade are products of Louis Froelich; Kenansville, North Carolina. The hilt has all the Griswold casting traits to include the slit pommel cap and casting seams on the guard and other flaws, and has the number 140 stamped on the inside guard. Most Griswold officer sabers have leather with heavy twisted brass wire with more turns and a brass scabbard, but this hilt has an Oil-Cloth grip with light brass wire and a different twist. The Kenansville blade is pinned tight to the hilt and is undisturbed; has an unstopped fuller with evidence of period sharpened; and fits tight to the copper scabbard. The patina on the brass guard and pommel matches the brass throat and ring mounts on the scabbard, which has a deep reddish-brown patina that is original and untouched.

Thomas, Griswold & Company manufactured swords to sell on the New Orleans market and wholesale to Confederate retailers. It is also known that Griswold & Company made swords for the Confederacy and various Southern state governments and most likely Griswold parts were removed from New Orleans before it fell in April 1862. Louis Froelich established the Wilmington Sword Factory where he made edged weapons of all types for the Confederacy. In the summer of 1862, Wilmington experienced a catastrophic outbreak of yellow fever and Froelich moved his business north to Kenansville. He rebuilt the Confederate States Armory and continued to supply weapons and accoutrements to the Confederacy. In July of 1864 the armory was set afire by Federal cavalry, but it was rebuilt and continued to supply weapons until March 1865 when the Union gained control of that part of eastern North Carolina. This is a great Confederate officer saber and is available at a fraction of the cost of other known examples of Thomas Griswold or Froelich officer sabers. Shipping & Insurance included. $6800.00


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C529. CONFEDERATE – HAIMAN CAVALRY SABER – GEORGIA: This is a Confederate Haiman Cavalry Saber with original scabbard made by L. Haiman & Brother, Columbus, Georgia. Louis Haiman and his brother Elijah operated in Columbus Georgia throughout the entire Civil War. The saber has no original grip material or wire, but does have much of the original underlying woven cord in the groves of the wood grip. The pommel cap is tight and the guard has a little movement, but not much due to the original leather blade washer, which is seldom seen. The brass has a pleasing patina. The brass mounts on the scabbard are tight and have steel rings; There is a nice lapped seam; the drag is intact; and much of the original black lacquered finished remains. Overall, the condition is very good plus, and has great eye appeal! Shipping & Insurance included. $3900.00


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C539. CONFEDERATE NAVAL D-GUARD: This massive Confederate D-Guard is believed to be a Naval knife which is 19 1/2 inches long with a 13 3/4 x 2-inch-wide blade. The blade displays great casting flaws and filling marks, and was period sharpened; and the massive 5 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch D-guard is square shaped with casting flaws with filling marks as well.  All the steel has a deep brown patina. The grip is unique and another indicator of being carried on a Naval vessel. The wood core grip is wrapped with cord and sealed with a lacquer finished to protect it from the elements while at sea.  Like other naval bowies, it looks like a short cutlass. Shipping & Insurance is free. $2250.00


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C541. CONFEDERATE D-GUARD: This is a Blacksmith made Confederate D-Guard. It is 21 1/2 inches long with a 16 1/2 x 1 3/4 clip-point blade and an oak grip. The blade displays great casting flaws and has a deep dark brown patina, and was period sharpened. It has a look like other knives produced for Georgia. Though large, it is well balanced and a manageable weight. Shipping & insurance is free. $2800.00  


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C546. CONFEDERATE CS - STAR SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD: This is a Confederate CS – Star Short Artillery sword. This hilt is in original attic condition with a golden-muster patina, and great casting flaws. It is 25 inches long and a 19 1/2-inch wavy blade with a center fuller. The blade is in outstanding condition with period sharpening and a silver-gray patina, and is in excellent-plus condition. Shipping & Insurance included. $3400.00


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C560. CONFEDERATE – HIGH-QUALITY BOWIE FIGHTING KNIFE: This is a high-quality Confederate Bowie fight knife with a cherry wood slab grip; a German Silver guard; and a 10 1/2-inch x 2-inch clip-point blade made from a rasp. The two-piece octagon shaped grip is pinned with three steel pins and has a few pressure fractures (most likely period made), but is tight with no movements, and is perfectly shaped to sit flush to the German silver cross guard. The blade is tight with no movement and is period sharpened with a well-made curved finishing in an upward turned clip-point. This is a high-quality Confederate knife made by a skilled cutler and far exceeds the quality of a blacksmith made knife. Shipping and insurance included. $4500.00


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C547. RARE - McELROY SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD DOUBLE “CS” MARKED BLADE: This Confederate Short Artillery sword was made McElroy, Macon Georgia. It has a similar hilt as seen on an E. J. Johnson short artillery sword, but with a flat sided blade with no fuller. There are a few known examples with the rare “C.S” inspector mark at the ricasso like the one shown here, but not many with an inspection mark on both sides of the blade. Both marks are very deeply stamped! The sword is in great untouched condition; the grip is tight and retains its deep, rich, natural patina; the blade has never been cleaned and is period sharpened; it displays great casting flaws with a few very small nicks, and is missing the tip. The sword is in its original wooden scabbard with both tin mounts, lead finial, brass frog stud and all tacks. There are better examples of this sword, but not one better which has two “C.S” inspection stamps, one on each side of the blade. Shipping & Insurance included. $4850.00


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DSC_0031.jpg DSC_0037.jpg DSC_0040.jpg DSC_0041.jpg DSC_0048.jpg DSC_0051.jpg



C559. CONFEDERATE BOYLE & GAMBLE FOOT OFFICERS SWORD: This Confederate Boyle & Gamble Foot Officers sword was discovered in 2001 and has a Certificate of Authenticity letter signed by Stephen W. Sylvia and R.E. Nevelle, Jr. (J.S. Mosby Antiques& Artifacts.

The letter describes it as follows: This is a Confederate foot officer’s sword that wasmanufactured by Boyle & Gamble of Richmond, Virginia. The sword measures 36.5” overall with a 31.5” blade salvaged from a US Model 1850 foot or field officer’s sword originally retailed by W. H. Horstmann. The blade was re-etched by Boyle and Gamble in a pattern typical for this firm. Elements of the lade etching include floral and military motifs and the letters “C.S. (A.).” The guard, which bears the #4, and pommel cap are typical of those found on many other Boyle & Gamble swords. The grip has been rewrapped in the original manner. The sword is accompanied by a period brass-mounted iron sheath from a US 1850 Staff and Field officer’s sword.  

This description is accurate; however, I noticed the letters “C.S”are very faint and the “C” is more of a ghost imaged and the “S” is much clearer, but no letter “A”.  The blade fits perfect to the scabbard and most likely was original to the blade.  When ever a metal scabbard is with this style sword, it is either a Mounted Infantry officer, or Staff & Field sword.  The original letter is included, and shipping and insurance is free. $3500.00


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C564. LOUIS FROELICH – KENANSVILLE - SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD – FIGHTING KNIFE: This is a Louis Froelich – Kenansville Short Artillery sword, which was made into a fighting knife. It is all original and never apart, and has a blade is just under 8 inches. The hilt is tight and has the unique fish-scale grip attributed to Froelich. Untouched patina! Shipping & Insurance included. $1500.00


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C563: CONFEDERATE SIDE KNIFE: This is a Confederate side knife, which appears to have been made from a Thomas Griswold sword. The knife is 15 inches long with a 10 1/2-inch blade; has a steel S-shape cross guard; and a dark walnut grip, like a Pott knife, with a brass ferrule and a brass end cap. The sheath is made from a Griswold brass scabbard with two ring bands, one which has the ring, and is pinched shut at the end with pins and lead filled. The knife and sheath have untouched patina. Shipping & Insurance included. $1800.00



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