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ACRYLIC SWORD & SCABBARD STAND: This pair of acrylic sword & scabbard stands was designed to hold one sword and its scabbard. Each is 5 inches tall and designed with square edge groves to prevent the sword or scabbard from flipping over as often happens with similar stands with a rounded cut. They will accommodate swords of all sized from small bowie knives to cavalry sabers.  This design presents a very clean and crisp display that is attractive. $29.00


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C259. CONFEDERATE NAVY – LOUISIANA – SIDE KNIFE: This Confederate Naval Side-Knife was discovered in Louisiana and is great Southern knife. The total length is 18 inches with a 11 1/2-inch spear-point blade. The blade was period sharpened and has an even patina, and the original blade washer holds it tight. The cross guard is made of pewter and has a hairline crack, which was repaired. The 6-inch wood grip is made from a naval ship belaying pin, and is well made and with a 1/4-inch high striking tang. The sheath is well-made and shows the New Orleans French influence in the design. It is made of wood covered with leather and reinforced with tin, with a Confederate flatbutton for a frog attachment. Shipping & Insurance included. $3500.00


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C323. CONFEDERATE - MASSIVE D-GUARD BOWIE FIGHTING KNIFE:  This is an outstanding original ConfederateD-Guard Bowie knife and with the size of the guard in may be a Naval Bowie. This knifes was acquired from a 35+ year old collection and is being offered for the first time. It measures 19 1/2 inches with a 15-inch blade. The original Confederate owned has his name on the side of the wood grip, which looks like Wall. The cupped iron guard and steel scabbard have matching patina. Notice the scabbard had a steel band with one ring, it is very well balance. The blade is excellent and has great casting flaws and finishing marks. The condition is amazing and near mint in condition.  Shipping & Insurance included. $5900.00


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C325. COFFIN-HANDLE CLIP-POINT BOWIE FIGHTING KNIFE: This knife came out of a large collection of Confederate bowies and has traits of being Southern made. The handle is walnut and pinned and held inplace with a Sauerbier sword brass spinner. It has a brass ferrule and a thin brass guard. This brass guard is not centered on the blade, but flush with the ferrule on the side nearest to the body. The knife is 17 inches long with a 11 1/2-inch x 1 1/2-inch-wide clip-point blade. It is period sharpened; shows filling marks; is tight; and has a great casting flaw an inch above the guard. The back-stitched sheath is original, but has a 3 ˝ inch opening on the bottom where the blade cut it, and is opened at the tip. Shipping & Insurance included. $5500.00


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C354. ALABAMA - CONFEDERATE SIDE KNIFE: This Confederate side knife is most likely from Alabama. It has a great Southern look; a large 6-inch grip; massive 5 1/2-inch cross guard, and a 11 1/4 X 2-inch blade. This grip is carved with eight sides and held tight with no movement with the blade. The guard has some expected movements, and all steel is rust-free and displays great casting flaws. Shipping & Insurance included. $1900.00


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C412. BOYLE, GAMBLE & MCFEE ARTILLERY SHORT SWORD: This is an artillery short sword made by Boyle, Gamble & McFee of Richmond, Virginia; and matches the known existing marked specimen. The sword is in excellent condition with a bright original blade; tight hilt; the original copper-brass mounted scabbard with both mounts and fits perfect to the blade. Shipping & Insurance included. $3900.00


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C413. CONFEDERATE ALTERED - M1852 NAVAL OFFICER’S SWORD: As war approached, many Southern officers serving for the US resigned their commissions and returned to serve their home states and the Confederacy. When this initially happened, Confederate swords were not yet produced, and officers sometimes altered a sword by removing any reference to the United States. The US would be removed from the guard and may or may not be replaced with a CS. The same applied to Naval officer swords. There are a few known examples where the USN was removed and replaced with CSN, and others left blank. This is one of those rare Confederate altered M1852 Naval sword. This is a pre–Civil War Ames sword retailed by Schuyler Hartley & Graham, Ney York. We know this because of the early etching pattern and the Schuyler Hartley & Graham retailer mark. This sword came out of a Pennsylvanian museum collect, which contained many Confederate war trophies. The sword in in near-mint condition with a tight hilt retaining 100% original whit grip and wire, and nearly 100% original gilt. The USN has been expertly removed from the face of the guard and the panel was decorated with a unique pattern of dots. The blade is bright and frosty with deep etching, but the original USN was buffed off the blade and the original Ames maker mark was removed and a crude etching design was left in its place. The scabbard is in great condition with normal crazing, but no breaks. It retains all original mounts thought the drag is loose since the screw is missing.  Overall, an outstanding example of a Confederate altered M1852 Naval Officers sword, and considering the small size of the American Navy prior to the Civil War, this is a rare sword! Shipping & Insurance included. $2600.00


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C420. CONFEDERATE BURGER & BROTHER MODIFIED 2ND MODEL VIRGINIA MANUFACTORY SABER: The Virginia Manufactory of Arms was established in 1797 to supply Virginia militia with arms for the defense of the Commonwealth. It had produced a total of 8,269 Cavalry Sabers and some 2,040 Artillery Sabers while it was in operations between 1804 and 1821, and although the facility was shut down circa 1821 it was resurrected during the Civil War period as the Richmond Manufactory. In 1806 the production of the 2nd Model Virginia Manufactory Cavalry Sabers began. The primary change was the shape of the pommel, which now took on a rounded, “bird’s head” profile and replaced the squared capstan nut with simple peening to secure the tang of the blade to the pommel cap. For the Civil War, the original blade length was reduced from 40 to 36 inches and the scabbard was modified to accommodate the new length. Often, this saber is found without the scabbard, but this one is complete, and the unique ring mounts identifed this as a Burger & Brother modified scabbard. The saber has an even brown patina over the hilt and blade. The grip retains 100% original wire, but very little original leather, but is tight. The patina on the scabbard is untouched looks complements the saber, and it was fitted for brass rings and mounts. This is an outstanding example of a 2nd ModelVirginia Manufactory saber that was modified for the Civil War. Shipping & Insurance included. $5600.00


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C432. CONFEDERATE – GEORGIA – DEWITT FOOT OFFICER SWORD: A. H. DeWitt was a jeweler in Columbus, Georgia and is credited with the “Twisted Snake Guard” design of this sword. Both the pommel cap and guard display casting flaws associated with Confederate made swords; the grip retains 95% original leather and 100% original wire; and the unetched blade has an unstopped fuller. The guard moves a little due to the lack of a blade washer. The scabbard perfectly fits the 30 1/4-inch blade, but the mounts are not Confederate, though the leather has the same design as depicted on page 65 of Williams A. Albaugh PhotographicSupplement of Confederate Swords book. Shipping & Insurance included. $5900.00


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C442. KENANSVILLE CAVALRY SABER – TYPE-2 or SECOND MODEL – LEECH & RIGDON SCABBARD: This is a Type-2 or Second Model Kenansville Cavalry Saber in a Leech & Rigdon scabbard. The saber perfectly fits the scabbard and both have matching patina, which is a good indication the two have been together and may have been paired as such during the war. The hilt, pommel cap and grip are tight with original leather and marked “X X X X” on the guard. The blade has never been sharpened and has great patina. The scabbard has been identified as Leech & Rigdon by a well-known appraiser who has worked for James D. Julia, Morphy & Poulin auctions. The scabbard is of high-quality with a brass throat, brass mounts, brass rings and a brass drag and a nice lapped seam. The quality is as good as known officers’ scabbards. Shipping & Insurance included. $5800.00


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C462. COOK & BROTHER NAVAL CUTLASS: This is a rare example of a Cook & Brother Naval Cutlass. There are several known examples of the Leech & Rigdon, Selma Arsenal Naval Cutlass with the guard removed, but this is the first example of a Cook & Brother I have seen with no guard. If you do a side-by-side comparison with another Cook cutlass you will see the same hilt grip design. Overall, it is 24 inches long with a 19 3/4-inch blade. The grip has a nice even patina, as does the blade, and it is period sharpening.  Shipping & Insurance included. $3650.00


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C468. VIRGINIA M1840 NCO SWORD – MINT CONDITIONPrior to the outbreak of hostilities with the north, the state of Virginia purchased 1200 sabers from the Ames company, and it is also believed they purchased other blades and parts to fabricate more swords. The Virginia Ames contract sabers where dated 1860 and uninspected. However, there are a few known examples of US inspected 1860 sabers that ended up in the Virginia armory, and those sabers had a secondary Virginia Confederate stamp inspection 6-point Star. To date, I know of one 1860 dated & inspected Ames Musician sword with the Virginia Confederate 6-Point Star and seen three 1860 dated & inspected M1840 NCO sword with the same Virginia Confederate 6-Point Star. This M1840 NCO sword is the fourth example I have seen with the 1860 date & inspection and the Virginia Confederate inspection 6-point star. As you look at the underside, you see the original J.T. inspector mark and the Virginia Confederate 6-point inspection star. The hilt is tight and the blade is bright, and it is housed in its original Ames inspected scabbard. The overall condition is MINT! This is an extremely rare Confederate sword! Shipping & Insurance included. $2500.00


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C472. CONFEDERATE - P-1853 SABER - ISAAC & CO.: The English Pattern 1853 Cavalry Saber was an iron mounted, straight bladed saber with a spear point, flat back and a single fuller, and a 3-branch guard. The grips were a pair of laminated, pressed leather “slabs”, that were roll-embossed with a checkered pattern and pinned to the tang of the blade and secured to the pommel cap by peening. Approximately 4,000 English cavalry sabers can be documented as being acquired through S. Isaac, Campbell & Company and the one consistent feature found on the iron hilted P-1853 sabers that have Confederate provenance is that the spines are marked, near the hilt, either ISAAC & Co or SIC & Co LONDON. This saber is complete with the original scabbard. The hilt has a deep matching charcoal gray patina, the blade is bright, and the scabbard has a period black finish. ISAAC & Co is stamped on the spine of the blade. Shipping & Insurance included. $2950.00



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