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ACRYLIC SWORD & SCABBARD STAND: This pair of acrylic sword & scabbard stands was designed to hold one sword and its scabbard. Each is 5 inches tall and designed with square edge groves to prevent the sword or scabbard from flipping over as often happens with similar stands with a rounded cut. They will accommodate swords of all sized from small bowie knives to cavalry sabers.  This design presents a very clean and crisp display that is attractive. $29.00


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C430. CONFEDERATE – THOMAS GRISWOLD NAVAL CUTLASS: This is a Confederate Naval Cutlass made by Thomas Griswold, New Orleans. The brass hilt is solid and tight with casting flaws and the turned down edge associated with a Griswold cutlass. The blade is one of the finest examples I have seen with its gray patina; no rust or pitting; and a period sharp edge. At the base of the blade is the oval-shaped “Thomas Griswold & Co. New Orleans” above what looks like the number 8. Simply one of the finest examples available. $5000.00


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C429. CONFEDERATE - BOYLE, GAMBLE & MCFEE ARTILLERY SHORT SWORDThis artillery short sword was made by Boyle, Gamble & McFee of Richmond, Virginia; and matches the known existing marked specimen. The blade is in outstanding condition displaying casting flaws with some areas of salt & pepper oxidation. The hilt it tight with a deep brown patina, and what appears to be a sword strike which continues into the top of the blade. $2500.00


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CSBG01. CONFEDERATE FOOT OFFICERS SWORD – BOYLE & GAMBLE: This is an outstanding example of a Confederate Foot Officers sword made by Boyle & Gamble, Richmond Virginia.  There are many examples of Boyle & Gamble swords on the collector’s market, but most are unmarked, unetched and missing the scabbard. This is an exception example!  It is maker marked Boyle & Gamble Richmond, has a strong etched CSA in a shield as well as an etched Confederate Second National Flag. The Second National Flag was in use from May 1863 to March 1865 and incorporated the design of the battle flag as a major feature. This flag was nicknamed the "Stainless Banner" because of its large white field, and it helps date the production of this sword. The hilt has outstanding casting flaws and a deep rich patina, with 98% original leather and 100% original wire. The scabbard is soft and bendable, but complete with no breaks, just the expected crazing. It also has all the original mounts and the retention pins.  This is a quality Confederate B&G Foot Officers sword! How often do you see one complete with the maker mark, etched with CSA and the Second National Flag, and the complete scabbard?  $13,000


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F342. SAVAGE NAVY REVOLVER: The Savage “Navy” self-cocking revolver is possibly the most ungainly handguns of the Civil War. The .36 caliber, 6-shot revolver had a 7” octagonal barrel and an innovative ring-cocking action and a moving gas seal cylinder. The gun featured a unique ring-shaped cocking lever inside the heart shaped trigger guard, which was used to advance the cylinder and cock the hammer. The shooter could then fire the gun with the traditional trigger. The Savage Revolving Firearms Company secured its first official US military contract directly with the US government on October 16, 1861. This contract called for Savage to deliver 5,000 pistols between October 1861 and March 1862. Another contract was received from the government in November of 1861 to supply an additional 5,000 revolvers between November 1861 and May of 1862. Of the approximately 20,000 Savage “Navy” models produced during the Civil War, the US Ordnance Department took delivery of 11,384 of the guns, and the Navy took delivery of 1,126. The balance of approximately 8,500 guns were offered for civilian sale. This gun appears to be one of the civilian sales, which individual solders and officers could purchase, and the serial number #6547 makes it an early gun.  It is all original and has an even gray patina; the cylinder properly functions with all original nipples and the action is tight; the front site is original and the grips are as well. The maker mark on the top is hard to photo due to the stippling created from gun power, but it is there under magnification. $1900.00


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C428. CONFEDERATE - CS & STAR SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD – PETERSBURG BATTLEFIELD RECOVERED: This Confederate Short artillery sword is commonly referred to as the CS & Star. It takes its name from the crudely cast CS in the cross guard and the star in the pommel. This pattern was originally sheathed in two different scabbards, one wooden with tin mounts, and the other made of leather with brass mounts; however, many scabbards did not survive the war. This is a totally untouched example with a period tag affixed to the blade which reads “Confederate sword from the battlefield of Petersburg.” The paper tag has yellowed with age, and the script is correct for the period. the It has great sand-casting flaws with a blade that has an untouched dark patina and a wavy center fuller. There is a little blade movement. This is an amazing find and a great example of a Southern made short artillery sword recovered for the Petersburg battlefield. $4500.00




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