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C225.  CONFEDERATE ARTILLERY SHORT SWORD:  WOW!  There are still undiscovered Confederate swords to be found!  This newly discovered blade has common characteristics to known Confederate Bowie knifes, but it too large and conforms more to an Artillery Short Sword.  It was discovered in Virginia and has been in a private collection for well over 80 years.  It weighs 2 lbs., 13 oz. and is just over 30” long. The pistol-grip wood slab handle is held tight with four brass pins, and on the right grip there is some maker mark, but I cannot make out the details. The iron guard is similar in shape and appearance to one shown on page 248 of the recently published book “Confederate Bowie Knives”, but larger in size. The slightly diamond shaped blade is huge!  It is 24” long and 2 5/8” at the base and 3” at its widest before tapering down to a spear point. It has untouched patina, and there is evidence of period sharpening.  It must have been stored away early during the war because of its size and weight, which account for its amazing condition. I have included one photo comparing the swords size to a known standard Short Artillery sword. This is the only know example of the rare and unique Confederate sword. $4500.00

C226.  BOYLE & GAMBLE CAVALRY SABER: This is a Boyle & Gamble Cavalry Saber complete with the original scabbard. The brass hilt is tight with outstanding original patina and several casting flaws, and 100% original leather grip with double wire. The blade has an unstopped fuller and has the expected casting flaws normally found on a Boyle & Gamble blade. The scabbard is one of the best I have seen with no visible seam, but brass mounts with brass rings; the original steel throat piece and a nice drag.  Do you remember when these were selling between $5500.00 & $6000.00? Well, this is available for a fraction of those prices.  $4500.00

F114.  CONFEDERATE ARSENAL CONVERSION MUSKETThis musket is a Confederate arsenal or field conversion musket, which is in great untouched attic condition.  It originally was a M1816 flintlock and you can see the Springfield mark and an eagle head on the lock plate.  The drum bolster is crudely configured, and the hammer almost has a blacksmith made look to it.  All metal parts have the same aged patina, and the stock matched as well.  Under the middle band you can see a period arsenal repair to the stock. Even the original ram rod has the same matching patina.  Confederate conversion muskets are a good buy since they are more affordable, and underscore the make-do disposition of the Confederate war machine.  I have discounted this for the collector looking for a Confederate carried musket, but at a great entry level point for the new or young collector.  $795.00

U576.  SCHULER, HARTLEY & GRAHAM – MODEL 1860 STAFF OFFICERS SWORD: This is a rare example of French made Civil War Model 1860 Staff Officers sword retailed by Schuler, Hartley & Graham New York.  The 32” diamond shape blade (which is correct) is etched and marked Schuler, Hartley & Graham New York and French maker marked.  The Klingenthal “B” is on the ricasso reserve side, and the counterguard underside is marked “FBD” with a sword piercing helmet (F.Delecour).  The reverse clam shell folding guard is full sized with a plain field, but in the down position because the retention button is frozen.  The plain brown scabbard has all brass mountswith Civil War style top-ring mounts with a plain simple drag.  The hilt retains much original gold wash and has Mother-of-Pear grips, which are in mint condition. Look at John H. Thillmann's book “Civil War Army Sword” page 448 for comparison information. A Civil War Model 1860 Staff & Field sword is rare to find especially is such fine condition, but since the claim shell cannot be placed in the full open position I have discounted the price accordingly.  $2325.00



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