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A153. TIFFANY - M1850 FOOT OFFICER SWORD: This is a Model 1850 Foot Officer Sword retailed by Tiffany of New York.  It is an import Civil War sword marked "PDL" for Peter D. Luneschloss of Solingen. The sword is in great condition and complete with the original scabbard. The hilt is tight and the grip retains 100% original sharkskin grip and twisted wire, and the original red felt blade washer holds the blade in place. The blade is “PDL” maker marked with the letter “E” and the ribbon “WARRANTED TO CUT – WROUGHT IRON” on one side, and the Tiffany New York retailer mark on other. Both the “US” and “Eagle” center panels are crisp with much original frosting, and the blade is bright and never sharpened. The scabbard is strong with expected crazing and has all original mounts and screws. On the reverse side above the middle mount there is a name & NEW YORK embossed in the leather. It is difficult to determine the letters and have yet to make an identification. This is a great sword and with a little more research could possibly be identified to a soldier. Shipping & Insurance included. $2100.00


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A168. SAUERBIER FOOT OFFIER SWORD, FLAME SCABBARD MOUNTS: This Model 1850 Foot Officer sword was most likely fabricated by a unknown retailer using parts unique to Sauerbier. Specifically, the hilt, blade washer and the Flame Mount leather scabbard. The hilt is tight with an even patina and 100% original sharkskin grip and triple twisted wire. The blade washer is complete and holds the blade tight. The etching is tired, but you can make out the etching pattern. The blade has never been sharpened; has some dark spots and light pitting, but there is no maker or retailer mark. The leather scabbard is complete and strong with all original Flame mounts. Shipping & Insurance included. $1500.00


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A169. AMES - MODEL 1840 MUSICIAN SWORD: This is an Ames Model 1840 Musician sword with a Horstman scabbard. Horstmann was an authorized distributor for Ames, and often combined Ames and Horstmann products for retail sales to state units. The sword has a faint Ames scroll stamp maker marked, and is inspection marked; U.S. / AHC / 1863 with AHC on the guard. The sword fits perfect to the scabbard, which is strong and complete with both mounts, which retain a good amount of original gold wash. Shipping & Insurance included. $550.00


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A151. AMES MODEL 1850 FOOT OFFICERS SWORD - 1850 DATED & INSPECTED: The M1850 Foot Officer sword was adopted by the U.S. Ordnance Department on April 9, 1850 and Ames received the purchase order the next day. The brass guard displays a floral design with branches and scrolls cast on the lower hilt. Two blade lengths were requested; 550 with 30 1/2-inch blades and 250 with 32-inch blades. All were made with leather scabbards with brass mounts, and all were marked, dated, and inspected. Ames began delivery by March 10, 1851 and completed the order for 800 swords on February 25, 1852: 192 on March 10, 1851; 24 on April 24, 1851; 120 on July 31, 1851; 168 on October 27, 1851; 58 on January 15, 1852; and 238 on February 25, 1852. This was the only pre-Civil War order received by Ames. The exact number dated 1850 is unknown, but it is a good assumption these would be in the first two shipments. This sword is acid etched Ames, US dated 1850 and inspected A.D.K. Inspector initials A.D.K. and J.W.R. are on the pommel cap, and the drag would also have a mark, but this drag is worn from being carried. It has a 31 1/2 -inch blades, which narrows it to one of the 250 swords ordered with a 32-inch blade. The hilt is tight with much original gold wash and retains 100% original sharkskin grip and twisted wire. The original white buff-leather blade washer holds it tight; It partially covers the date, but enough is exposed to clearly see 1850. The blade retains all original etching under a gray patina and was never sharpened. The scabbard is complete with all original mounts and screws and is strong, but does show wear. 1850 dated an inspected Ames M1850 Foot Officer swords are extremely rare. Shipping & Insurance included! $2500.00


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C499. CONFEDERATE STAR-CS SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD – UNION WAR TROPHY: This is a Confederate CS-Star short artillery sword, which has the CS & Star removed. With the even patina on the entire hilt, this alteration was most likely done by a Union soldier. The hilt is tight and has great sand-casting flaws; and the blade was period sharpened, has light pitting with a rounded tip. This is the exact same sword as Item C459, but is $1000.00 less due to the removal of the CS-Star as a Union war trophy. Shipping & Insurance included. $2400.00


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