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    ACRYLIC SWORD & SCABBARD STAND: This pair of acrylic sword & scabbard stands was designed to hold one sword and its scabbard. Each is 5 inches tall and designed with square edge groves to prevent the sword or scabbard from flipping over as often happens with similar stands with a rounded cut. They will accommodate swords of all sized from small bowie knives to cavalry sabers.  This design presents a very clean and crisp display that is attractive. $27.00





    U910. GEM STONE POMMEL CAP & SILVER HILT PRESENTATION GRADE MODEL 1850 STAFF & FIELD SWORD: This is a unique presentation grade M1850 Staff & Field sword with gem stones in the pommel cap as well as in the grip. There is a large red centered gem stone with 16 smaller stones encircling the pommel cap and a flying eagle with a shield. The grip is German Silver with Lady Justice on one side, and another red gem stone in the center of the grips opposite side. The guard has the U S interlaced in the leaves with an eagle-head quillon, and the entire hilt is tight with 95% original gold wash. The Horstmann marked blade is gold washed with a fancy U S and the American eagle, and is IRON PROOF marked on the top of the blade. The German Silver scabbard as all original fancy mounts with 100% gold wash. Gem-stone sword are very rare and unique, and this one even more so with the stones in the grip and pommel cap! $9800.00


    U916. AMES M1850 STAFF &  FIELD SWORD: This is  an early Ames M1850 Staff & Field sword with the brown scabbard and early block US etching.  The sword shows wear indicating it was carried, but not abused. The blade retains 100% original frosted etching and has the original blade washer. The hilt is tight and retains 95% original gold wash with 100% original shark skin grip and wire. The scabbard has the original brown finish with expected wear, and has all the original mounts with good amounts of original gold wash.  The etching pattern places this between 1850 & 1855. $3800.00


    U817. MODEL 1850 NON-REGULATION FOOT OFFICER’S SWORD, GOLD ETCHED BLADE: This is a M1850 Non-Regulation Foot Officer’s sword with a high-quality gold-washed etched blade. The hilt is the standard Non-Regulation steel guard with a 100% original sharkskin grip with steel wire. The blade is beautifully gold-washed etched with “US’ “Persevere” on one side and the American eagle perched on an American shield on the opposite side, as well as Clauberg and IRON PROOF marked. The scabbard is in mint condition with a brown lacquer finish with gold washed mounts and drag. Simple a beautiful sword! $3200.00


    U911. CLAUBERG - NON-REGULATION OFFICER'S SWORD & SCABBARD WITH AN EXCEPTIONAL GOLD ETCHED BLADE: This Non-Regulation officer’s sword is patterned after the 1822 & 1845 British officer's swords, and was made by Clauberg of Solingen, Prussia. This style sword was very popular among officers. The slightly curved blade is approximately 32 1/2 inches long with gold etching about half the length; stands of arms; "U.S."; eagle and shield; and a representation of Artemis and Justice just above the mark "W/CLAUBERG/knight/SOLINGEN" with inset "PROVED/+". The spine features a gilt leafy vine and "IRON PROOF". The iron openwork guard features floral scroll and the pommel is of the Phrygian helmet style. The grip is wire-wrapped black shark skin and 100% original. The iron scabbard is complete with two hanging rings and a drag. The sword is in exceptional condition with untouched patina. Swords in this condition are rare. $3900.00





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