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F162. COLT M1851 NAVY REVOLVER:  This is a Civil War dated (1861) Colt Model 1851 Navy revolver.  These guns saw much action during the Civil War for both the Union and Confederate sides. The matching serial number (110964) appears on all parts, to include the wedges, with the exception of the loading lever; it is un-numbered. The serial number is in the range of those produced on 1861.  The grips are original to the gun and in great shape. No bluing remains, but the gun has a nice even grayish-brown patina. The action is tight and cycles perfectly, and all original nipples remain intact. Much of the cylinder scene is still visible. The barrel is marked on top “ADDRESS COL SAML COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA.”  It is a great looking revolver and will display well with any collection. $1975.00


At the request of several people this weekend, I am relisting this sword. 

U234.  NON-REGULATION STAFF & FIELD OFFICER'S SWORD:  This high end Non-Regulation Staff & Field Officer's sword is the second of this style I have ever purchased, and only the third I have seen; but the third one was in extremly poor condition. This is the only one with this high-grade designed scabbard. The brass hilt has the rare Lady Columbia holding a shield with "US" on it and an eagle clutching her staff.  This hilt is tight with 100% shark-skin grip and triple strand wire.  The blade is Clauberg marked and mirror bright with crisp etching.  The scabbard is not the steel version, but what appears to be silver plated brass, brass mounts with amazing chase work from top to bottom.  Between the top mounts is a Federal Eagle, and between the middle mount and the drag are crossed American flags.  The scabbard retains the original wood liner and fits the sword like a glove, and the patina on the brass thoat piece perfectly matched the hilts. This is a rare design and not often seen, especially with this scabbard. A truly one of a kind sword. $3600.00


U581. M1850 STAFF & FIELD SWORD: WOW!! This is a great example of a Civil War M1850 Staff & Field sword with its original brown metal scabbard. The hilt has a great patina; has 100% original shark-skin grip with triple strand wire, and a fancy designed pommel cap, which is all tight. The tight blade retains much original frosting with some light spotting closer to the hilt.  It has never been sharpened and has a great tip. When found, the sword blade was covered with a light coat of varnish, which when removed, reviewed a beautiful blade.  The scabbard is one of the best I have seen! It retains all original mounts and screws, and 100% original brown finish with no dent or dings. Easily a $2000.00 + sword, but I picked it up at a great price and can pass the savings on to the next owner.  This is a lot of sword at this price!  $1600.00


U566. UNUSUAL STYLE IMPORT NON-REGULATION U.S. CAVALRY OFFICER:  This saber is likely made in Solingen for the American Civil War and is considered a Non-Regulation pattern, and is a style seldom encountered. It is a smooth bird’s head shape pommel with an integral back strap. The grip is sharkskin, triple copper wire wrap with the center strand being dragoon twist. The knuckle bow has no slot for a saber knot. There are two cavalry style branches also undecorated. There are two shield shape langets and a flat disk quillon. The blade has the flat spins of the 1840 pattern. The ricasso is short with no markings. The 12.5 inch etched panel is beautifully done with scroll work and an American Eagle under stars and an E. Pluribus Unum ribbon. The reverse has a stand of arms in place of the Eagle. The scabbard body is German Silver. The mounts appear to be silver with heavy gilt.  The top mount is a long, 4.5 inch throat with a banded carry ring with line chased designs. The center mount matches, but smaller in size and the drag has the same chase-work of a line design around the blade and at the top. $1895.00


U563.  EMERSON & SILVER HIGH-GRADE NON-REGULATION SILVER HILT STAFF & FIELD SWORD: This is a High-grade Non-Regulation silver hilt Staff & Field sword made by Emerson & Silver, New Jersey.  It is the design with an eagle with a stand of flags in the shape of a fan as a backdrop. A similar example, which I sold several months back, is featured on page 319 of John Thillmann’s book “Civil War Army Swords.”  This guard is usually associated with French-made Officers’ sword, but this one with a German silver grip is attributed to Emerson & Silver. The Emerson & Silver marked blade is in mint condition with 100% original frosted etching done in the style for which they are known. The steel scabbard has developed a deep rich brown patina that is simply beautiful, and the ornate mounts are amazing!  The high-quality casting is readily apparent is this sword. $3900.00


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