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U543. SAUERBIER CAVALRY OFFICER'S SABER, MID GRADE TYPE 1, PLAIN MOUNTS: Sauerbier cavalry officer's sabers are seldom encountered and always have distinctive features. This example is a mid-grade type 1 Officer's saber with plain mounts, and is the exact one featured on page 349 of the book “Civil War Cavalry & Artillery Sabers” by John H. Thillmann. It has an etched blade with a large panel with the maker mark, and bold block lettered US. The hilt is deeply engraved with a great chased quillion, guard and knuckle bow. The pommel cap is the unique Sauebier turned down version with a recessed spanner nut, and the grip is the typical oversized version with 100% original leather and wire. This is a rare saber to find, and how often do you have the chance to own one that is published and well documented.  $2650.00


U227.  CIVIL WAR SOLDIER’S WALKING STICK:  This cane is identified to Joseph B. Goshorn who enlisted on 2/6/1862 into the PA 107th Infantry and was discharged for disability on 10/23/1862 from injuries received doing the Antietam campaign. The cane is just under 36 inches and has two plaques attached. One reads “J.B. Goshorn Co. B 107 Regt Pa Vols.” and the other reads “Antietam Sept, 17 1862.”  Both plaques are attached with four pins each, and they are tight.  The etching style is original and conforms to the period.  A complete copy of Goshorn’s military record is included. It states that after the Second Battle of Bull Run, he was injured in the right eye from a blow of a blunt object such as the butt of a musket.  This injury caused his removal from the battle field and placement in the hospital. It is unknown if he snuck out of the hospital and return to his command in time for the battle of Antietam, but that is a likely scenario and account for the inscription on the cane. Civil War canes are very collectable and rarly for sale! $1100.00


F160. CONFEDERATE ANCHOR-S  MARKED ENFIELD MUSKET : This Confederate P53 Enfield musket is in great condition, original and completed, with the exception of missing the rear site. These were brazed on and many got knocked off during the war. The musket is well marked and easily identified as Confederate because of the Anchor-S stamp by the butt plate tang . The JS-Anchor viewer stamp, which is well known on Confederate Enfields, was changed to an Anchor-S in 1863; as a result, Enfields dated 1863 will be found with either viewer’s stamp while those from 1864 only have the anchor-S. The lock plate on this musket is marked CROWN - Tower 1863.  The stock is marked Birmingham Small Arms Trade and mark on the side of the stock, as well as its underside ( Crown BSAT) and (P&R) stamps near the tang of the trigger guard. The lock works perfectly, and the rifling is strong.  $2900.00


C226.  BOYLE & GAMBLE CAVALRY SABER: This is a Boyle & Gamble Cavalry Saber complete with the original scabbard. The brass hilt is tight with outstanding original patina and several casting flaws, and 100% original leather grip with double wire. The blade has an unstopped fuller and has the expected casting flaws normally found on a Boyle & Gamble blade. The scabbard is one of the best I have seen with no visible seam, but brass mounts with brass rings; the original steel throat piece and a nice drag.  Do you remember when these were selling between $5500.00 & $6000.00? Well, this is available for a fraction of those prices.  $4300.00



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