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          This is a fake Ames short artillery sword.  Look for four things:

1.  The eagle on the pommel cap has a large deformed beak, more like a chicken

2.  The eagle stamped in the blade has the wrong design

 3.  The inspection date markings are wrong!  "United States, 1839, MS" markings on  the blade are left justified  using the same stamp.   Also,  it should only be stamped "US" not spelled out on this date, and not all the same size.   United  States stamped may be considered correct provided  all markings are centered  and  not "left justified."

4.  The revits in the grip are zinc, which is wrong.  

5. The hilt is solid cast, where as the original is two pieces and has a seam.

This is one of the best fakes on the market and often fools many novice collector and general dealers.  BEWARE!!  All these things are wrong and you should stay away from this sword.  These are all  dated 1839, so look very hard at any Ames short artillery sword with this date.  

  Every other dated Ames sword artillery sword I have found has been correct .