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C358. CONFEDERATE SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD: Prior to the outbreak of hostilities between the North and South, the state of Virginia acquired military arms from Northern suppliers.  Virginia had a contract with Ames to modify existing Virginia sabers. In addition, they purchased loose blades and scabbards for other swords. This Confederate Short Artillery sword is made with a Confederate cast copy of the Ames hilt married to an unmarked Ames blade and an Ames scabbard.  When you examine the hilt, you can see it is crudely sand casted with flaws with the eagle and shield void of details. There are no rivets, but has the three dimples common to a Confederate copy.  The blade is high-quality and unmarked, and is obvious made by Ames. The scabbard is 100% Ames with inspection marks, and is in near-mint condition.  The quality and condition of this Confederate sword is amazing! The sword alone is valued at $1500.00 and the scabbard at $600.00; a $2100.00 value. $1500.00


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F215. M1854 LEFAUCHEUX PIN-FIRE REVOLVERThe Pin-Fire revolver was a new invention at the time of the Civil War, and the Lefaucheux revolver made in France was the premier version of choice. During the Civil War, several states to include Kansas, Colorado, Ohio and Missouri ordered close to 1500, while the United State government purchased just over 24,000. The Confederacy also purchased them, but the exact number and serial number range for the Southern acquired pin-fire revolvers is unknown. This gun is complete and with the original unloading rod and cylinder latch! It is tight; retains all original screws; lanyard-ring; and original finished grips. The 6 1/4-inch barrel gun is engraved on the top and side, and is Lefaucheux maker marked with an early low serial number LF 7727. Shipping is included in this price. $850.00


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F117.   CONFEDERATE - CONVERSION MUSKET This is an outstanding example of a Confederate converted musket. The lock, bolster are very unique and not of a Northern design. In fact, when you remove the barrel and the lock you will find the Confederate arsenal assembly marks on several parts on the wood under the lock; on the underside of the barrel; and on three of the internal lock parts.  This was a common practice associated with many Confederate repaired and altered musket. The ram-rod has a cork screw twist that is often seen in other Confederate muskets. Shipping included. $1475.00


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F120.  PLYMOUTH RIFLE: This is a Plymouth Rifle produced by Whitney. The rifle is complete with its original rear site, ram-rod, and all factory parts, and has an even brown patina. The stock has no issues. The sling swivels are present, but the front is frozen. The lock works in both half & full cock, and is dated 1864. The US and Whitneyville marks are faint but I do not see an eagle stamp. The tang on the barrel has the serial number 9989, and there is still good rifling. Shipping included. $1375.00


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F232. CONFEDERATE CAPTURED & ARSENAL REPAIRED AND REISSUED CONTRACT M1861 RIFLE: During the Civil War, the Confederates would salvage supplies off the battlefield and send weapons to their arsenals to be refurbished and reissued to Southern troops, this is one such Model 1861 contract rifle: an 1862 dated Bridgesburg rifle. The Confederate Arsenal work includes an Austrian Lorenz hammer, a common Confederate blade rear site, different barrel bands held in place by screws, and a Confederate made ram-rod.  On the butt of the stock are inlays, to which the meanings are unknow; they could be either Union or Confederate. The nipple has been replaced. The rifling is faint and all but fired smooth; which is another indication of heavy Confederate use. Shipping included. $1275.00


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F250. REMINGTON 1858 NEW MODEL REVOLVER: This Remington 1858 New Model Revolver has been professionally refinished. It is complete with all original parts to include wood grips; a cartouche on the left grip; serial number 56886 on the barrel and the frame; good rifling; original nipples; and it properly functions. This Remington revolver looks great and is ready for action! Shipping included. $1625.00


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U620. WAR OF 1812 - AMERICAN ETCHED – ENGLISH P-1796 LIGHT CAVALRY OFFICERS’ SABER: This is a rare and very historical saber. It is an American etched – English P-1796 Light Cavalry Officers’ saber, which would have been in service for the War of 1812. The original leather grip is 95% complete with a little missing near the right side with all original wire. The etched blade is bright and frosty with an American Eagle in its center. The original scabbard fits well; has original finish with gold painted period folk art. $1750.00


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