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U227.  CIVIL WAR SOLDIER’S WALKING STICK:  This cane is identified to Joseph B. Goshorn who enlisted on 2/6/1862 into the PA 107th Infantry and was discharged for disability on 10/23/1862 from injuries received doing the Antietam campaign. The cane is just less than 36 inches and has two plaques attached. One reads “J.B. Goshorn Co. B 107 Regt Pa Vols.” And the other reads “Antietam Sept, 17 1862.”  Both plaques are attached with four pins each, and they are tight.  The style of etching conforms to the period and is original.  A complete copy of Goshorn’s military record is included. It states that after the Second Battle of Bull Run, Goshorn was injured in the right eye from a blow of a blunt object such as the butt of a musket.  This injury caused his removal from the battle field and placement in the hospital. It is unknown if he snuck out of the hospital and return to his command in time for the battle of Antietam, but that is a likely scenario and account for the inscription on the cane.  I am selling this at a substantial discount and below my purchase price. It is a great buy! $1000.00 SALE PRICE $600.00

PH01.  CONFEDERATE NAVAL POWER HORN: This is a newly discovered Confederate Naval Power Horn.  The horn is 17 inches long and was most likely used for priming ship-board cannon. It is decorated with several ships, the Confederate 1st National flag (7 stars), a compass, the date 1860, a design that looks like islands or whales, two not yet identified symbols, and the name J. Tobias. Initial researched identifies Tobias as a Jewish family that emigrated from Spain to flee persecution, and settled in South Carolina. At this time, I do not know which Confederate ship J. Tobias was on.  As you look at the ships on the horn, you see a Confederate ship in pursuit of a Union ship. On the top mast of the Union ship you can see a US flag, and on the Confederate ship you can see what appears to be a Confederate flag.  The date 1860 is significant and supports the South Carolina connection because it was in December of 1860 that the state voted to secede from the Union.  The two diamond shaped designs are unknown to me, and may help in identifying the Confederate ship carved on the horn. If and when J Tobias is identified to a particular Confederate ship, the value of this Confederate relic will double.$2950.00 SALE PRICE $1500.00

U250.  P.S. JUSTICE CAVALRY OFFICERS' SABER: This is a P.S. Justice Cavalry Officers' saber. It is a rare saber and not often found; however, when found they often show evidence of being carried during the Civil War.  The saber displays great original patina on the hilt and scabbard. The hilt and grip are tight with no movement. The original sharkskin grip is about 90% complete with 100% original wire. The original leather blade washer is present, and the blade is in nice shape showing the expected wear. The scabbard retains all the original brass mounts and throat piece, and the drag displays the expected wear and dings. It has a lot of character!  If you are looking for a honest Cavalry Officers' saber, which was used during the Civil War and will not break the bank, than this is it! $1600.00 SALE PRICE $1000.00

F98.  M1816 -CONFEDERATE  CONVERSION MUSKET -  M1816 BAYONET:  This is a great example of a classic conversion musket carried by Southern troops with a US over SC marked M1816 bayonet! The gun is in great condition overall! The metal mostly has a smooth even light brown patina. The stock is original and retains 98% of the original finish with some bumps and dings, and a small chip near the barrel tang.  The lock-plate retains the original 1836 date, but the US and maker names were buffed down during the conversion, indicating a good possibility it is a Confedeate conversion.  On the left side of the stock you can see the faint remains of the painted number 27.  There were 37 units combined in the North and South that used the number 27.  Of this total, there were fifteen 27th Confederate regiments.  On the underside of the barrel it is marked "LXXIX" and where the barrel and bolster are welded it is marked  "48 X   X 48". These markings are common on Confederate arsenal altered and repaired muskets. I beleave the ram-rod is a replacement and not period, but it has a nice matching patina. It is classic examples of a conversion musket compete with a Confederate conversion!  It is a nice musket with pretty good eye-appeal!$1995.00 SALE PRICE $1575.00

F113. CONFEDERATE - CONVERSION MUSKET:  Because of the unique design of the hammer on this Confederate Conversion musket, it is believed to have come out of either North Carolina or Georgia. Confederate Conversion muskets are one of my guns! They speak to the fact about how the South adapted for war.  The hammer is a design often seen on guns from North Carolina and Georgia.  The bolster is very crude with no brass around the gap in the metal.  When you remove the barrel, you can see how crude the work is on the bolster. Normally, the bolster is on a separate piece, which is spliced to the barrel, but here it is not.  Also, you can see the Roman numeral IIII commonly associated with Confederate arsenal alter and repaired muskets.  These Roman numerals also appear on each of the barrel band mounts.  The lock functions properly in both half and full cock, and the original ram-rod has matching patina.$1195.00 SALE PRICE $975.00

F114.  CONFEDERATE ARSENAL CONVERSION MUSKETThis musket is a Confederate arsenal conversion musket, which is in great untouched attic condition.  It originally was a M1816 flintlock and you can see the Springfield mark and an eagle head on the lock plate.  The drum bolster is crudely configured, and the hammer almost has a blacksmith made look to it.  All metal parts have the same aged patina, and the stock matched as well.  Under the middle band you can see a period arsenal repair to the stock. Even the original ram rod has the same matching patina.  Confederate conversion muskets are a good buy since they are more affordable, and underscore the make-do disposition of the Confederate war machine.$995.00 SALE PRICE $850.00


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