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This fake does not match any know Confederate short sword, and the markings " Nashville Plow Works" never were stamped on an original Confederate short sword.   The blade is often covered with rust to make it look old.


    This fake has a fish scale grip, which do not match an original. is to uniform and displays none of the flaws found in a real sand cast grip.  It also has a steel blade, which easily rusts and has a tinging sound when tapped.


 These photos are provided so you can see a real CS short sword hilt compared to a hig-quality fake.

TThe above photos are of a real CS short sword. Notice the width of the C & S in the cross guard, also look at the crude casting of the scales in the grip

The above photos are of a High-Quality fake sword most likely produced by House of Sword. Look at the C S in the guard and you will see the letter are thin and do not match the period piece. This fake was cast to show flaws and file marks, but on closs exam you can see the marks are fakes and not original. Aften the weight of the fakes is wrong, and the blade is too smooth.  This style fake often show up for sale on on-line auction sites.


    This is one of the most common fakes for sale, but don't be fooled.  Look at the grip and you will see the Star, Grip and"CS " are too perfict.  Its patina is artifically altered to look old.  The sword is missing all the flaws of the original, and  the blade is to long.  


    This sword showed up on an internet auciton site as being a Confederate Arsenal put together sword.  The blade is period Ames, but the hilt is a fake.  Do not be fooled, the hilt is to new and markings are also fake!


This is a well made fake and will fool many advance collectors.  Look at the "CS" on the guard and notice the casting is the same on both side.  Confederate quality control was not this good! The blade also has an improper fuller design.  Compair  it to the photos or real examples below.


These following photos show "REAL" Example of this sword design.