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Recently, I was offered a M1840 William Glaze South Carolina saber purported to be original, rare, and one-of-kind; however, upon examination it was determined the marks were counterfeit. Someone took an original period M1840 Heavy Cavalry saber, removed the blade and stamped spurious maker marks. The counterfeiter attempted to copy the markings from a William Glaze pistol and put them on the saber, WRONG. The markings on the pistol were different then on the sabers.

The pistols are marked Wm GLAZE & Co. on the barrel and COLUMBIA S. C. 1852 on the lock, whereas the sabers are only maked Columbia S. C. using lower case letters.

Here are photos of real & correct markings for the pistol




Here are photos of real & correct marks for the saber



Here are photos of the counterfeit markings on the saber

Compair these to those on the pistol and notice the difference. Look at the details!